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Deeper Intimacy and Becoming a Better Lover

Do you remember the great sex you experienced the first time you made love with your partner and the bolts of passionate electricity that surged through your body?

You can have the passionate lovemaking of the first time with your partner every time. Each time you make love with your partner can be a first -- a new discovery that ignites fiery passion and stimulates the most intimate places of your body, mind and soul.

If you're like most couples, maintaining a passionate and satisfying sexual relationship can sometimes seem like an elusive mystery. Experts report that most couples are dissatisfied with their sex lives and infidelity is rampant. Everyone wants great sex and fidelity and yet no one is quite sure how to attain it or maintain it.

Even a couple who is very much in love can lose the passion they once shared. It's very easy to fall into a routine which leads to boredom and lack of excitement. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can whittle away your intimacy and leave little time for important nurturing necessary for your sexual relationship. Your sex life gets pushed to the bottom of your priority list and passion dissipates.

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Having great sex is a very important part of a relationship. It makes both partners feel wanted, cherished, and cared for. It also creates extreme physical and emotional pleasure, building both a spiritual and sensual bond that makes the relationship stronger.

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Hi, I'm Great Sex Coach, Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed., and I've helped hundreds of couples spice things up, reclaim the passion they once shared and reach the sexual satisfaction they desire and I can help you too.

From the naughty to the nice, Smoldering Embers is your leading online resource for sex tips and lovemaking advice. Providing all the kindling you need to put more excitement, passion, intimacy, and satisfaction in your relationship and keep it there.

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Great Sex Tips
Hot sex tips to help couples increase sexual pleasure, have more passionate lovemaking and be viewed as a magnificent lover.

Sex Techniques
Learn the hottest sex techniques for couples, how to use them for deeper satisfaction, more intimacy and building a better relationship.

Great Sex Positions
Tired of the same old position night after night? Explore the favorite positions for men and women and how to use them to have great sex.

Sex Secrets
What is the secret to a good sex life? Discover the three main barriers that couples face and how to overcome them to achieve the pleasure you desire.

Sex Guides
On the other hand, if you're a book person or you're looking for a wider variety of sex tips and advice available at your fingertips, you may find Cynthia's great sex guides section to be just what you're looking for. These guides are available in instantly downloadable PDF, paperback, and hardback which makes a nice sexy gift.

Great Sex Coaching
Need a little one on one Sexpert Advice? If you need a more personal approach, with advice catered specifically to improving your sexual relationship, you may want to see how sex coaching by phone may help you.

Sex Toys
Looking for the perfect toy to share with your lover or enhance a private moment alone? Take a look at my suggestions for the best adult toys to enhance your pleasure and your relationship.

Sexual Health
Your sexual health has a powerful impact on not only your level of sexual satisfaction but your whole relationship. Identify the most common sexual health issues that couples face and how to address them effectively.

How to Have Great Sex Epackage
Get all the tips, techniques and secrets you need for every aspect of your sexual relationship all in one package. Plus, personalized advice from sex coach Cynthia herself.

Who is Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.?
Learn more about your Great Sex Coach, Cynthia Perkins,M.Ed. and her credentials.

Whether you're young or mature, male or female, engaged in a long term relationship or just a newbie, you can find the great sex tips and lovemaking advice you need to help increase arousal and desire, heighten passion and excitement, learn how to be an incredible lover and give exquisite pleasure to your partner.

I can help you discover deeper intimacy with your lover and develop a more fulfilling relationship in every way, thus increasing sexual satisfaction and decreasing the risk of infidelity.