Adult Movies for Couples

Sex Coach Cynthia Recommends These Movies

It's no secret that adult movies stimulate arousal and desire and men have been using them for a long time as masturbation material, but they are also a fantastic resource for couples in their quest for great sex.

Adult movies for couples can be used for excitement and stimulation as well, but also as tools for learning, spicing up the routine, fantasy fulfillment, improving sex drive and becoming a better lover.

Because of their ability to educate and entertain, they make a great lovemaking assistant when you know how to make the best choices.

When picking adult movies for couples for use in enhancing your relationship, you want to make a different choice than you would for a single man wanting a flick to stroke off to. You want high quality material that caters to couples and addresses the needs of the woman as well as the man.

Men and women have very different tastes for what is pleasurable in an adult movie.

Many women find the traditional sex videos to be somewhat of a turn off. Men tend to be very puzzled by this and don't understand why their woman won't join in with their excitement. The problem is that for a long time adult movies were mostly designed for pleasuring men.

Men don't require a whole lot in their adult movie to be satisfied. If it has naked women having sex, then they are quite happy. However, that is not the case for women. She requires a little more.

Most adult movies are missing the things that are exciting for a woman such as an actual storyline, passion, love, romance, intimacy, seduction, scenes that display realistic orgasmic events and sexual activities that are pleasurable for a woman.

Some adult producers are now becoming more aware of the needs of women and couples, but you need to know which ones to look out for.

There are hundreds or thousands of places to buy adult movies for couples these days and the choices are overwhelming. If you don't pick the right production company, the quality can be very low.

The Best Adult Movies Couples

Some of the best sex videos that are pleasurable for both men and women are those created by Candida Royalle. Candida Royalle is a woman adult filmmaker who caters to producing adult movies that are women-friendly.

Sex Counselors frequently recommend her couples line that features positive sexual role modeling and she's been invited to be a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

Additionally, Playgirl and Wicked Productions have a great line of sensual and arousing adult movies for couples that are appealing to both women and men. You can find the whole line of Candida Royalle, Playgirl and Wicked at Sex Toy Fun Adult Videos for Couples giving you hundreds of choices that will be satisfying for both men and woman.

Instructional videos are another great choice for couples or anyone wanting to learn anything about sex. You can find hundreds of high quality, stimulating, yet educational, choices made by Playgirl, Nina Hartley, Juli Ashton and a variety of others.

Single Guys

If you're a single guy, don't despair, EdenFantasies also has a lot of high quality adult sex videos you will enjoy as well. With many of your favorites like Carmen Luvana and Jenna Jameson

One of the hottest adult movies on the market right now is the award-winning "Pirates" produced by Adam and Eve Productions. It is the winner of 11 AVN Awards, including Best Adult DVD.

Couples and women are enjoying this movie as well.

How to Get the Most Benefit out of Adult Movies for Couples

Make your choices together. Pick out something that looks appealing to both of you. Be honest with your partner. Don't agree to watch something that you find distasteful, because this will only leave you feeling resentful and turned off. However, on the other hand, don't be afraid to try out new territory.

Don't just buy your adult movies for couples and put them on the shelf. Make good use of them. You can turn it into a game and have an adult movie night.

Give one to your partner as a gift on special occasions.

Surprise your partner with one that you know will light their fire. Slip it in the DVD player when they least expect it.

Get yourself a new toy and some sexy lingerie to go with your movie and make it a whole event.

If you've been wanting to try out a new sexual activity, an adult movie is the perfect learning opportunity as well as great entertainment.

Even the best of relationships experience boredom and routine, with the use of high-quality adult movies for couples you have a never-ending supply of new and exciting material to break this cycle and stimulate your mind and senses.

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