Anal Sex Tips for More Pleasure

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Many women and couples are not aware that anal sex can be one of the most intense, fulfilling sexual experiences we can possibly have and that it has the ability to enhance orgasms by magnificent amounts. The anus has a lot of sensitive nerve endings, which can be very pleasurable when stimulated. There is an outdated taboo in our culture that would like to make us believe that anal sex is dirty, bad or even sinful. So even if we do enjoy it or would like to try it we may be reluctant. Try to see this view for what it is and allow yourself to experience the exquisite sensual delights these anal sex tips can help you discover.

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Anal Sex Tips

Some people think anal sex will be painful, but once they learn the art they will find that this is not true. If you are new at this it may take a little time to learn how to do it properly. Use these anal sex tips to shorten your learning curve and become an anal sex lover in no time at all. It may hurt initially, but if she learns to breathe deeply and relax into the experience she will find that you can enter her with ease. Once the head is inside and the anus begins to expand the pain will cease and be replaced with ecstasy. By breathing deeply and by using lots of lubrication the pain will be eliminated.

Take a deep complete breath in through your nose. Breathe in from your abdomen, not your chest. Your abdomen (not your chest) should distend on inhale not exhale as we have inaccurately be taught to breathe. Then breathe out through the nose completely until all air is expelled. When breathing out, in your minds eye direct your breath at your anus and imagine it is flowing into in and relaxing it. If you can't imagine this very well, by just doing the breathing you should be able to relax it as well. Do this several times.

Anal Sex Play

Anal sex does not have to contain full penetration. Anal play can be very fulfilling and pleasurable as well. Rubbing the anus while giving oral sex for both males and females is extremely pleasurable. Probing one finger inside the anus while giving oral or while climaxing for both males and females can be delightful and also intensify the orgasm. Licking the anus while stroking your lovers penis or him licking your anus while massaging your clitoris and thrusting inside of you with his fingers is very satisfying.

If you are without a partner, anal play or anal sex can be a very exciting way to satisfy yourself. It can add great variety to your masturbation techniques. When masturbating whether male or female you can use one hand to stimulate your anus and the other hand to stroke or rub. You can use a vibrator on or in your anus while thrusting inside vagina and stimulating your clitoris and give yourself the simultaneous clitoral, G-spot orgasm. Masturbating anally can be a great way to start your anal exploration if you are shy to try it with your partner.

Anal Sex Toys

There are a variety of anal sex toys to assist you in your anal adventures. Butt plugs are a very popular choice, and so are anal beads, anal dildos and anal vibrators. Each of these come in a variety of choices, such as soft, hard or vibrating and can help make your anal play more exciting and enjoyable.


Some people are afraid it may be messy. There are ways to prevent this. Have a bowel movement prior to anal sex or do a plain water enema. The rectum is where the penis will be going and both of these methods will cleanse the area. Of course there may be some times when small traces of material may be present, but there are times when this can't be avoided. This is natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

Keep in mind that before any anal play or anal sex the area should be washed thoroughly. If penetration of the tongue, fingers, toys or penis occur in the anus, they should be washed again before inserting in the vagina. Bacteria in the anal area will cause infection in the vagina. A great way to prepare for anal play is to take a shower together or wash each other. This can be a great way to set the mood and can be an exciting form of foreplay.

If you are new to anal sex , a great way to get started is to do it in the shower. Soap each other up good and the water and the soap will give you lots of lubrication that will allow penetration with great ease. It can also be a lot of fun and arousing soaping each other up. You can caress, rub, stroke and probe while doing it. Then bend her over and slide on in. Hold onto the rails for balance as once you get going you may fall down. Of course the shower technique is also very exciting for the anal sex connoisseur.

Anal Sex Positions

There are a variety of positions you can try anally. Side by side, doggy, bent over a chair, woman on top facing you or facing away from can be very exciting. Experiment and find out what feels best for you and your partner. You can try using toys such as dildo or vibrator and stimulate her clitoris and penetrate vaginally while inside her anus. Anal penetration also allows for direct stimulation of the G-spot. Having an orgasm with double penetration and stimulation of the clitoris produces orgasms that are out of this world. The anus contracts during orgasm like the vagina. If the anus is being penetrated during climax it can increase the intensity of orgasm to new levels never experienced before.

Communication is always an important component of great sex and this really applies in anal sex. Prior to trying out any of these anal sex tips you should talk about what you are going to do and discuss any feelings you have about it. If it is painful you need to be free to discuss this and try different techniques or positions. You need to be able to talk about what is working and what isn't here. As always be adventurous and creative and find what works for you.

Use This Series of Anal Sex Tips to Elicit Mind-Blowing Orgasms

First of all shower with your lover and wash each other using your hands as the wash -rag. You can set the mood with lights and music if you desire. Then carry her to the bedroom.

Look deep in your lover's eyes as you kiss her passionately and run your hands across her shoulders and down her arms. Express your feelings for her. Tell her how much you desire her. Tell her you love her or care for her. Tell her how beautiful she is.

Caress her arms and embrace your hands in hers.

Kiss her shoulders. Kiss the nape of her neck. Make love to her breasts with your mouth for a few moments with tender, passionate licking, kissing and sucking.

Have her bend on the bed on her hands and knees. Kiss her shoulders and back. Slowly make your way down to the buttocks. Caress her butt cheeks tenderly while planting soft kisses across them and down her thighs. Slide underneath her and kiss and lick the inner thighs and then lick and kiss her clitoris and between her lips. Sliding through her lips and probing within her before landing intensely on her clit. While probing in an upward motion with your tongue on her clitoris slide your fingers inside of her and rub her G-spot (it is the soft spongy ridge about one inch inside the pussy behind the tail bone.)

Bring yourself behind her again and kiss the thighs and buttocks again then slide your tongue between her anus and lick her fervently as you slide one hand between her legs. Insert your finger or fingers inside her vagina while rubbing the clitoris with another finger and continue to lick her anus. Make the anus sloppy wet with saliva and then rub the head of your penis around the entrance. If you are new at this you should also use some kind of lubrication.

As you become more accomplished at this you will find that the saliva can work just as well and is less disruptive to the process. Although some people find it necessary to use lubrication at all times. Hold onto her hips and enter the head of your penis slowly into her anus. At all times she should have control of the depth of insertion and the pace of the rhythm. Pace should be slow and easy until the anus opens and relaxes. Teach your woman to breathe deeply and relax into the experience and you will enter with ease.

Have her lean forward on her hands so that she is rubbing her own clit. Lean your abdomen and chest against her back and kiss and bite her neck passionately as you begin to thrust deeper into her anus.

Entice your woman to bring herself to orgasm rubbing her clit while you continue thrusting in her anus and telling her how good her butt feels, how much you want her, what your penis looks like going in and out of her butt or whatever you are feeling at the moment. Not only will this be complete euphoria for your woman it will be just as euphoric for the male as well. As you see how excited she is becoming and the feel of her anus around your shaft you will both be experiencing mind blowing orgasms. What is great about this position is that you can come together. Once she begins to approach orgasm you can thrust as needed to come with her or she can bring herself to the point of orgasm and wait for you to come with her.

There are also a lot of variations on this technique that can make it even more exciting and fulfilling for her and yourself as well. You can increase intensity by inserting a dildo or vibrator inside her vagina while your shaft is in her butt and she rubs her clitoris. Double penetration with clitoral stimulation creates earth-shaking orgasms. With the vibrator inside of her you can also feel the vibration through the walls of the vagina on your penis and this can also be very arousing for you as well. It could also be done with vibrator in the anus and your penis in her pussy and stimulation of the clitoris with hers or your fingers. You can try a variety of positions to find what works best for you.

After the orgasm be sure to remain present with your woman, hold her, cuddle and be close. Afterplay is necessary to complete the sex act for a woman and will make her desire you more the next time.

If your woman thinks she does not like anal sex, and you use the anal sex tips above you will soon have her eager and willing to offer you her butt.

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