Bedroom Sex - Keeping it Hot

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Although you often get advice to have sex in a variety of places, there's something very special about bedroom sex. Its' the one room in the house that is designated not only for sleeping, but the act of making love.

What is more romantic and memorable than being whisked off to the bedroom? We see it portrayed in movies and books all the time. What is more comforting than slipping into bed next to your lover or more heartbreaking than crawling into an empty bed when a relationship ends? That's because sex in the bedroom is very intimate.

Bedroom Sex

There's nothing more sexy and intimate than the bed you share with your lover. It in many ways is sacred ground. This is evidenced by the fact that if a partner is unfaithful and the infidelity takes place in the bed he or she shares with their lover it is much more traumatic and damaging to the betrayed and the relationship.

Many couples can get past a fleeting infidelity, however bringing the other person into the bedroom is a whole different story and is usually much harder to forgive and forget. Not only does the partner feel betrayed, but they also feel violated. Boundaries have been crossed in the deepest sense; the enemy has been in their bed.

Additionally this kind of behavior really exhibits a deep lack of respect for their partner and the relationship and thus it makes a very loud statement as to how much the unfaithful one values their partner and also speaks to the quality of that relationship, which leaves the betrayed one with some very important decisions to make.

Maintaining the integrity of this VIP room is of the utmost importance. It should be honored like royalty.

Tips for Better Bedroom Sex

With that being said, bedroom sex can be some of the most satisfying and memorable sexual pleasures you enjoy. However, as you build a life together it can also be easy to slip into a boring routine and requires a little effort from time to time to keep things fresh and exciting.

The bed you share together is your thrown and your bedroom is your palace. Treat each other like Kings and Queens from time to time and your bedroom sex will never grow dull and boring. Instead year after year you'll continue to build memories that only deepen the intimacy of this special room and thus enrich your sexual experiences even more.

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