The Best Love Making Positions

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

So what are the best love making positions? Well that depends on what you're trying to achieve in your lovemaking session and who you're talking too. Not everyone will enjoy the same positions due to body shapes, specific preferences, particular erogenous zones, flexibility etc. How you feel about a particular position may vary on different days. If you have an opinion on the best positions, feel free to share them at the bottom of this page.

The best love making positions will vary from session to session depending on your desires and needs that day.

Some positions increase intimacy while others provide deep penetration, stimulation of the G-spot or unleashing of your animalistic passions. Certain positions may be used to prolong an erection or extend your lovemaking session, while others are great for a quickie. You will find that some positions are more pleasurable for a male and others are more pleasurable for the female.

Best Love Making Positions

Different positions stimulate different parts of the vagina for the woman and produce a variety of different pleasurable sensations for both partners. Changing the pace and angle of your thrust also stimulates a variety of pleasurable sensations.

In some lovemaking sessions you may only engage in one position, but most often it's more pleasurable and exciting to engage in a variety of positions. Using a variety of positions is a great way to keep the menu fresh and enticing. With each position you can achieve different goals.

Changing love making positions can be used to prolong the love making session. Whenever the male is ready to ejaculate change your position, pace or thrust and this will hold off his climax. Continue to pump, rock or thrust gently so he doesn't loose the erection either.

Regardless of what position your trying out you can always make a best love making position even better and more exciting with a piece of sex furniture such as the liberator shapes. Adding a piece of sex furniture to your repertoire is a great way to spice things up and add a little variety to your common everyday positions.

So what makes a position one of the best love making positions? I've chosen the positions in this list based upon the benefits they bring to the lovemaking session for each partner. There are literally hundreds of sex positions a couple can incorporate into their sexual repertoire and each one has it's advantages, but this list is focused on positions that have the most to offer for promoting a loving yet sexually exciting relationship.

So let's look at the benefits of each of the best love making positions. Each position in the list is expanded in more detail by clicking on it's underlined name.

Missionary Sex Position
In my opinion the very best of the best love making positions is the missionary position because of the amount of intimacy it provides. I know, I know you may be saying "what" "the missionary position is so boring and routine." But that is not the case at all. The missionary position has so many ways it can be adjusted and offers so many benefits for both the male and female it is truly a supreme position.

Couples engage in many different kinds of sex. We're not always making love even when having sex with the partner that we love. Sometimes we want hot, animalistic sex, sometimes kinky sex, sometimes raw and carnal, sometimes a quickie, and sometimes rough sex, depending on how you feel in each particular lovemaking session.

But when we truly want intimate, deep, passionate, tender lovemaking there is no better position than the missionary position.

Woman on Top Position
The woman on top is one of the best love making positions because it too has many benefits for both the female and the male.

It is the supreme position for the female because it gives her complete control to pleasure herself as needed.

The male finds this position very exciting and pleasurable as well because it's very arousing for him to see his woman take control and since she has all the power needed to pleasure herself he doesn't have to work very hard.

Rear Entry Position or Doggie Style
One of the best love making positions for men is the woman on her knees and the male enters her from behind or commonly known as doggie style.

This is because of the deep penetration they can achieve, the feeling of power it gives them, and the incredible view of their woman's buttocks and their penis thrusting in and out of their woman.

Another position that's good for closeness and intimacy is the spooning position.

It's a great position for your woman because it makes her feel you're being very affectionate. It allows for lots of cuddling, caressing and kissing.

Standing Up Position
There are a variety of different variations that can be done standing and each can produce different sensations and thus why this position is included as one of the best love making positions.

Best Oral Sex Positions
And since every great lover should know how to please their partner with exquisite oral pleasure here's my vote on the best oral sex positions.

For cunnilingus the woman should be on her back relaxed with her legs spread open. The male should approach her from the front while he's on all fours.

For fellatio the woman should be on her knees looking up at her lover. The male should be standing in front of his woman facing her.

Coital Alignment Technique
If you want a position where you can increase the chance that your woman will orgasm with intercourse or if you and your partner would like to experience simultaneous orgasms the coital alignment position is a great choice.

G Spot Video

Remember there are plenty of ways to enjoy intense sexual pleasure without penetration. When trying new positions keep in mind that orgasm is only part of the sexual experience. Appreciating the different sensations throughout the process is also just as satisfying.

It's also important for couples to remember that everyone is built differently. Each women's genitals are set on their body in a unique way. This may bring the penis into contact with the clitoris or g spot in a different way for each couple and means that what creates deep penetration or stimulation of the clitoris or g spot for one couple may not be exactly the same with another couple.

You'll also want to consider factors such as your health, age, weight and flexibility when deciding which position to use. A younger person may be able to engage in some positions that an older person or a person with health problems may find too challenging. A heavier person may not be able to achieve the same flexibility as a lighter person. Respect your limits while also being adventurous.

Experimentation is vital to find what works for both of you.

Keep in mind that good lovemaking involves a lot more than positions. The best love making positions alone will not bring you a great sex life. They need to be combined with an enticing ever changing menu of love making tips and techniques such as those found in The Lovemaking Smorgasbord" to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

Knowing the benefits of the best love making positions and how to use them skillfully is only partially what makes a good lover and enhances your relationship. A good sex life incorporates positions with a variety of other great sex ideas and meets the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of both partners.

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