The Best Sex Positions for Him and Her

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Men and women often have different tastes or preferences for what constitutes the best sex positions because of anatomy, biological urges and the particular benefits each one offers. What works for him may not necessarily work for her.

The best sex positions may vary among women as well. Everyone is built differently and each woman's anatomy may be lined up or situated in an exclusive manner. What is most pleasurable for one woman, could be completely different for another woman. You can stimulate a different area of the woman's vagina with different positions or with different angles of the same position.

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The way a couple's anatomy lines up together will also vary from couple to couple and impact how the couple determines what are the best sex positions for them as a couple as well as the outcome of a particular position.

Men are a little more universal in their preferences for the best sex positions.

To adequately satisfy both partners a little give and take may be necessary, where one partner will engage in positions that aren't their favorite for a period of time to give their partner what they enjoy most. A combination of positions is usually called for during each encounter or you can focus on one partners pleasure during one session and another's pleasure in another session from time to time as well.

It's also important for couple's to remember that most women don't climax through intercourse because it doesn't provide enough stimulation to the clitoris. The positions listed on this page will increase her chances, but not guarantee it. If you and your partner can't achieve orgasm during intercourse, this is nothing to stress about. It's normal and a very common occurrence. Just be sure to take the time and pleasure the woman by other means, such as oral or with the use of sex toys. Using a vibrator on her clitoris during intercourse is a great way to help her achieve orgasm with you. If her hands are free, she can be the one holding the vibrator, but if his hands are free, he can do the honors.

If you're looking for illustrated positions, a great book that focuses on pleasuring both the male and the female is the "Kama Sutra Sexual Positions for Him and Her."

Another way to enhance position pleasure for both partners is with the use of a wedge pillow.

The Best Sex Positions for Him

Men like positions that allow them to thrust, achieve deep penetration and have great visual stimulation. However, when you engage in this type of position the male is likely to reach orgasm very quickly. So it is best to participate in positions or activities that pleasure the woman first before the ball game is over.

The Doggie Style or Rear Entry position is probably the all time favorite for most men because it allows him to fulfill all his desires at one time. He can thrust with complete ease, reach deep penetration and the view is an incredible turn on for him. To make this position more satisfying for the woman, she can use a vibrator on her clitoris while he thrusts.

The Reverse Cowgirl gives the "butt man" a glorious view. This is an adjusted woman on top position where the woman straddles the man backwards. She is facing his feet instead of his head and she leans forward with her hands on his knees for balance.

The woman can also enjoy the reverse cowgirl position as it will provide great g spot stimulation. Some women may even put this in their list of best sex positions.

Standing at the Foot of the Bed while his woman lies on her back facing him is a very exciting position for the man because it makes him feel powerful, he has a great view and he can lift her legs up and get very deep penetration.

This position can be made more satisfying for the woman if the man kneels in front of her and gives her oral sex before penetration. He can take her to climax and then she'll be much wetter and this will enhance his deep thrusting.

The Best Sex Positions for Her

Women typically like positions that promote intimacy and make them feel loved. They are seeking stimulation of their clitoris, g spot or both. They also enjoy deep penetration from time to time.

One of the women's all time favorites is the Woman on Top because she's in total charge of fulfilling her needs. With the right placement of her hips the woman on top position can help her satisfy all her important desires at the same time. The face to face contact gives her the intimacy she longs for, by leaning forward a bit and rocking back and forth on the base of his penis or pubic bone she can stimulate both her g spot and clitoris.

The man also loves the woman on top because he enjoys seeing his woman take the initiative and satisfying herself. It also gives him a break from performing. Some men may put this in their list of best sex positions.

The Missionary Position is another of the best sex positions for the woman because it provides an immense amount of intimacy. Adjustments can also be made in this position to provide stimulation of the g spot and clitoris, by having the male slide himself forward towards her head after he has entered her vagina and rock back and forth instead of thrusting, this is also known as the Coital Alignment Technique.

Men also enjoy the missionary position because they are in control and it makes them feel powerful. It also allows them to have a good deal of penetration.

Another one of the best sex positions for the woman is The Butterfly which combines the missionary position with a pillow under the woman's buttocks and she lifts her legs up in the air. Also very enjoyable for the man.

The Best Sex Positions for Both of You

The Woman Sitting and the Man Standing is a great sex position for both couples when both of you are already highly aroused and ready for action. Place your woman on a tabletop, bathroom sink or any stable surface. This position provides the woman the face to face contact that gives her the intimacy she desires and incites passion very quickly for both partners. If she wraps her legs around him then he can achieve the deep penetration he enjoys.

Best Sex Positions

The excitement of doing it in a new place such as the top of the kitchen table combined with the feelings of intimacy and closeness it incites heightens arousal quickly. This position also allows for stimulating of one another's breasts and nipples and intimate kissing.

The Spread Eagle, which is basically a modified rear entry position where the woman lays on her stomach, spreads her legs and the man enters her from behind, is another one that qualifies in the best sex positions for both partners category. It gives the male the control, power and freedom to thrust as he desires. It also provides him with visual stimulation. The woman can slide her fingers or a vibrator underneath herself and stimulate her clitoris while he is thrusting. Or the male can slide his hand underneath her and stimulate the clitoris while thrusting.

He can also slow this pace down by stretching his entire body across her backside while still inside her and pumping slowly. He can nuzzle in her neck or nibble on her ears and have a few moments of closeness and then pull himself back up and thrust again. By pulling himself upwards a little and placing his hands up near her shoulders and sliding his hips upwards a bit while still inside her and "riding high" this can stimulate the g spot for her. She can squeeze her legs together and give him even more pleasurable sensations by tightening her vagina around his penis.

This position is also great for anal sex. All of the above apply the same except that the male will be entering her anus instead of her vagina. Once again she can stimulate her clitoris while he penetrates anally and this can also stimulate her g spot and she can have a clitoral g spot simultaneous orgasm and the tightness of the anus around the penis shaft will give both partners very intense pleasure.

Be adventurous and explore all the possibilitie to find which positions are the best sex positions for you and your lover.

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