Better Sex Videos

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Better sex videos can help you build a healthier and more fulfilling relationship sexually as well as emotionally.

When couples are connected deeply emotionally they enjoy sex more. When couples share intense sexual pleasure together, it connects them more deeply emotionally. It's a reciprocal interaction.

Better Sex Video Series

One of the most common reasons couples come to me for consultation is that one or both partners is not feeling sexually satisfied or content.

When I consult with men, I often find that they really don't know what it is that a woman needs to be satisfied sexually. He doesn't know how to touch her or where to touch her. Some don't know where the clitoris or g spot is. He doesn't understand her emotional needs.

They've been grossly misinformed and the most unfortunate aspect is that they are totally unaware of it. They think that things like being able to thrust like an Olympic athlete or having a huge penis are important to a woman. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Women also don't have a good understanding of what it is her man needs as well. She also may not know what it is she needs herself, she just knows that she isn't as fulfilled as she'd like to be.

2 Main Barriers to Sexual Satisfaction

  1. The biggest factor that contributes to sexual dissatisfaction is the lack of communication. Most couples I consult with are uncomfortable talking about sex with each other. They share things with me that they've never shared with the one they love.
  2. Some couples do not have a clue how to relate to one another sexually. They are truly floundering around in the dark. No one ever teaches us these things. Sex education avoids important issues such as how to pleasure ourselves and our partner and how to communicate about these delicate matters. We are sent out into the world to have relationships without the proper knowledge to make them fulfilling and long-lasting.

Better sex videos can help break these barriers.

We can use them to build lovemaking skills, develop intimacy, learn how to communicate more effectively and overcome inhibitions and misconceptions about one another. In addition to being an incredible educational tool, better sex videos also entertain, stimulate and arouse.

Couples can find more passion, excitement and desire.

There are a variety of better sex videos on the market that cover a wide range of topics including: anal, oral, quickies, positions, toys, ejaculation, foreplay, pleasuring your woman more fully, meeting your mans needs, massage or just about any other aspect of sex you can think of.

Probably the most well known, reputable and effective videos in this category is the Better Sex Video Series produced by sexual experts and demonstrations are presented by real couples. The Better Sex Video Series offers education that is non-clinical and of the highest quality.

For those couples who have already mastered the art of communication and enjoy a fulfilling sex life, better sex videos can be used to break the routine and keep a sense of adventure alive.

Use them to explore new horizons and keep your relationship from becoming boring or stagnant. Learn how to create new sensual adventures out of the common everyday techniques or put a new twist on one of your tried and true activities.

Deepening intimacy and pleasuring one another is an on-going adventure that will change, grow and expand over time.

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