Five Ways to Have Better Sex in 2013

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Better Sex Tips

Was your sexual relationship in 2012 as exciting and satisfying as you'd like it to be? Or, are you like many couples, who are seeking better sex and more pleasure?

Has your sex life grown to be a little boring and routine? This is a very common problem among couples, especially those who have been together for awhile, but one that can be improved with a few basic steps.

Start out the new year with a resolution to have enhanced pleasure, more excitement, increased sexual satisfaction, better orgasms and deeper intimacy and you'll find that your relationship becomes stronger and more fulfilling in every way.

Take a look at some of the key factors that will lead to better sex in the new year.

1. Don't be Complacent
Complacency in a relationship is dangerous. It leads to loss of passion and desire and encourages a routine that can quickly become boring. It's very easy for couples in long term relationships to settle into the comfort that security and commitment provide and become complacent. Having better sex requires continuous mindful effort from both partners. They must remain vigilant in their efforts to keep their sex life fresh and exciting.

2. Promote Spontaneity, Adventure and Variety
To have better sex it is essential to be adventurous and spontaneous and have variety. This keeps your relationship alive, interesting and exciting. Enchant your lover with surprises and games that are certain to keep you both satisfied and sexually content. Engage in sexual activities, techniques and positions that are unique for you as a couple. A couple great ideas for promoting spontaneity and adventure are sharing erotic emails or phone sex with your lover. Learn how to dazzle your lover with the Erotic Emails Eguide or make their desire for you blossom with the Phone Sex for Lovers Eguide

3. Prioritize
Make your sexual relationship a #1 priority. Because of the hectic fast paced lifestyles that most couples are faced with, focus on the relationship tends to get pushed to the back burner and sex often becomes something they squeeze in hurriedly whenever they can find time. Making time for quality sex is essential. When sex gets placed to the side desire and passion fade away. The more often you partake in sex the deeper your desire will grow. The relationship must be nurtured to keep passion and excitement alive.

4. Deepen Intimacy
Sex without intimacy eventually becomes shallow and unfulfilling. You may get away with it for a while, but eventually the relationship will die, if intimacy is not nurtured. The deeper your intimacy is in your relationship the more explosive and satisfying the sex will be. When sex is explosive and mind blowing, it cements you to your lover in a very powerful way and thus opens the door for more intimacy. Therefore, intimacy and better sex feed each other in a reciprocal relationship.

5. Communicate
The most important element for not only having better sex but your relationship in general is communication. If partners don't communicate their sexual needs and desires to one another, they can't be satisfied. Be open, direct and honest about what you need. Also be specific and detailed. Teach your partner where you need touched, when and how. Demonstrate what level of pressure and speed you need. Let your partner know what words you need to hear and when and how to say them. Discuss the scenarios, techniques and positions that work best for your satisfaction. Talk about your sexual fantasies. Share with them what works and what doesn't work for your arousal and pleasure.

Want to continue to have better sex all year round? The Lovemaking Smorgasbord is written for couples just like you to give you all the tips, techniques and secrets you need for a more passionate and fulfilling sexual relationship every day of the year.

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