How to Touch Her Breasts

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

The first thing a man wants to keep in mind when it comes to breast stimulation or touching her breasts is that males are much more excited by the prospect than the woman. Because men are so visually stimulated by breasts and chest size is something our culture has magnified in importance, it's a big thing in the man's mind, but not so much in the woman's. So although you may think it's going to be the best thing in the world to cusp them in your hands or wrap your lips around them, that may or may not be the case for your woman.

Breast sensitivity varies greatly from woman to woman and so does what feels good on them. Some women may not get aroused at all by breast stimulation, while other women can have an orgasm while you make love only to her breasts. The level of sensitivity or how she responds to your touch can also be dependent on a lot of factors such as: what time of the month it is, is she pregnant or nursing, what kind of mood she is in, how does she feel emotionally about her breasts, how excited she is, what the circumstance is, the size of her breasts or how she feels about you.

How to Touch Her Breasts

Take myself for example -- my breasts are one of the least sensitive spots on my body. I would much rather my lover kiss and nibble on my neck. My neck is the hottest spot on my body. So, if my lover were to spend a lot of time on my breasts, that would not be effective in building arousal. However, with the right touch, an especially seductive circumstance and a rare mood, it can result in an electrifying experience.

Some women who have severe PMS may not want their breasts touched during that time because it hurts, while another woman may find that during that time of the month she is most responsive and aroused. If a woman feels self-conscious or inadequate about her breast size or look, her lack of self-acceptance may impede her ability to experience pleasure in this way or she may not want you to see them. It is believed that small breasts are more responsive and sensitive than larger breasts, but that is not always true. I have small breasts, and as mentioned above they aren't very sensitive at all.

Your woman may be afraid to tell you if she is not particularly excited by breast stimulation, so be sure to ask. On the other hand, because we women know you men enjoy touching them so much, even if it's not the most pleasurable thing in the world for us, we will certainly allow you to have your playtime. It can be very exciting for the woman to watch her man take pleasure in them.

However, some women enjoy breast stimulation greatly and it can be a main technique for arousal and desire, but what feels great for one may be a complete turn off for another. The best way to know what is the most pleasurable way to touch your woman's breasts is to ask her. Nobody knows better than she does. If you're too shy, then pay attention to how she responds when you touch her, listen to her breath, how does she move, does she look bored, is she making sounds of pleasure. what is the look on her face, does she look like she is grimacing in pain, enjoying herself or about to scream. Alternatively, you can learn hot to touch her breasts by watching her touch herself or let her put her hands on top of your hands and guide them.

If your woman is reluctant to engage in breast play, she may be feeling self-conscious. You can help her out a little in the self-acceptance department by making her feel accepted and desired. Tell her how beautiful they are and how much you love them and desire them. Treat them like royalty. With all that being said, here are a few tips that will apply to most women.

Best Ways to Touch Her Breasts

Having the right touch is very important. If it's not right, it won't do a thing for her. So keep these points in mind.

Hot Breast Sex

Breast sex, usually referred to as titty fucking, by the man, is another one of those acts that is much more exciting for the male than it is the woman. The reason, again, is because of sensitivity. Thrusting your penis in her cleavage just doesn't do much for the woman physiologically to arouse and pleasure her.

Although some women may enjoy this activity now and then, it typically is one we do because it makes our man so hot and we derive our pleasure from it in other ways. It can make us very hot seeing the desire in his eyes and watching how much he enjoys himself. It feels quite naughty and maybe a little kinky for some women.

To make breast sex or a hot round of titty fucking more pleasurable for your woman, be sure to take care of her emotionally and physically before sliding between them.

Work up to it slowly by touching and arousing with the tips presented above. Give her a breast massage with coconut oil to get her in the mood and so your penis will glide smoothly.

If you plan on coming on her breasts, make sure you have already taken her to Nirvana orally before taking your ride or encourage her to finger herself or use a vibrator on herself while your thrusting between her breasts. The two of you can come together this way. Both partners can be aroused by watching the pleasure on one other's face.

Side note to women: take pleasure in his cum on your breasts. Use it as moisturizer after he's done and lick it off your fingers. Let him rub his penis through it afterwards.

Breast sex can be a hot sexual adventure now and then, but don't make it a nightly routine. Let it be one of those things she gives you as a gift now and then.

Another important point to keep in mind is that a woman does not want to be objectified for her breasts. So even if she has the biggest or most beautiful breasts you have ever seen and your are nearly watering at the mouth, try not to let your eyes bulge out of your head and pay attention to her as a woman -- as a person. Look at her in the face now and then, touch her face, kiss her lips, rub your cheek against hers as you caress her breasts gently. Tell her how you feel about her. Make her feel cared about and special and it will be more enjoyable for her.

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