Butterfly Sex Position

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Butterfly Sex Position

The butterfly sex position position gets it's name of course because it resembles the lovely creature and it is said to create beautiful orgasmic pleasure similar to the visual delight we enjoy when viewing a butterfly in flight.

It is an exciting and satisfying position for both men and women, however it is most revered by the woman because of it's ability to provide excellent stimulation of the g spot. If you haven't tried it yet, it is likely that it will soon become one of your favorites.

Every woman loves a position that enables her to orgasm during intercourse and what man doesn't feel like the best lover in the world when his woman is moaning and screaming in response to his lovemaking moves.

How to Perform the Butterfly Sex Position

  1. The woman or (receiving partner) lies on their back on the edge of a bed or any surface you desire to play, where she can lay and he can either stand or kneel in front of her.

    One of the greatest aspects of the butterfly is that it can be done on many different surfaces which adds even more variety and excitement to your repertoire.

    You can experiment on the kitchen table, dining room table, edge of bed, edge of chair, picnic table, your desk or hood of the car to name a few.

    Another fantastic surface option for exploring the butterfly position is on a Liberator Equus for extra sensations and enhanced maneuverability.

  2. The partner stands or kneels in front of his lover.

  3. The woman or (receiving partner) lifts her legs and places them on his shoulders with her feet towards the ceiling. Let the legs rest against his body.

  4. The partner enters their lover from the front and thrusts.

    He places his hands on her bottom and pulls her in closer to him for better alignment and lifts her up for the correct angle.

For more variety in sensations, the woman can lift her buttocks upwards or spread her legs open wider. She can also wrap them around his mid-section. Some might enjoy sliding a pillow under her buttocks.

Key To Satisfaction in the Butterfly Sex Position

The key to satisfaction in this position is to get lined up properly.

Her pelvis should be approximately 12 inches lower than his, so that a tilting of her pelvis is created.

Pros of the Butterfly Sex Position

Cons of the Butterfly Position

There really aren't many cons to speak of with the butterfly sex position, so go ahead and give it a whirl tonight. See what kind of music you can create with your fluttering.

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