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Wouldn't you Love to Have Foreplay that Your Man is Begging For?

My Naughty Diary

Foreplay that Always Leads to
Intense Electrifying Sex?

"We absolutely love our "Naughty Diaries." Our sexual activity has doubled in the past two weeks." ~Tim and Donna, Prescott AZ

My Naughty Diary is an exciting new form of foreplay to increase arousal, passion and intimacy, which leads to more satisfying and exciting lovemaking. An intriguing type of foreplay that even every man will look forward to with great anticipation.

It's a sex game, sex guide and foreplay activity all in one.

This book is full of blank pages eagerly waiting for you to cover them with hot, naughty and arousing words. Unlike other diaries, you don't want to hide this one from your lover. Au contraire. You want them to read each and every sentence you compose.

It will be all about your sexual thoughts, experiences and desires; the passionate sex you share with your partner or want to share, your favorite techniques, positions and fantasies, and every single intimate detail that ever has or will send bolts of electricity surging through your loins.

Each entry in the diary must be intimate, sexual or naughty.

You and your partner should never discuss the existence of the diary openly.

It is an unspoken secret between the two of you and this is what increases passion, arousal and desire and will make your sex life more stimulating and memorable.

"My husband is in heaven! He can't wait to read my new entries every day and I enjoy writing them just as much. We've never had this much sex."
~Sam and Ellen, Columbus OH

"My wife has always been a little backward and shy about saying what she likes and needs sexually. Our naughty diaries give us a way to share the things that aren't always easy to say out loud. One of the best sexual aids we've ever invested in.
~The Randolphs, Rancho Mirage CA

You will never give your diary to your partner directly; instead you will casually leave it lying around in an area where your partner is sure to see it. They will read it secretly; in private.

By keeping the diary an unspoken little secret between the two of you, it will help you to be less inhibited and freer in your lovemaking adventures and to share your sexual self.

Your naughty thoughts and words will light the fire for both of you, build anticipation, result in a more passionate, uninhibited and satisfying sexual relationship and strengthen your emotional bonds.

"Finally a form of foreplay that my husband not only enjoys but actually looks forward to. Thank you, Cynthia. We love them and our sex has never been better."~Jodi, Idaho

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