Different Sex Positions

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Different Sex Positions

Everyone's always looking for different sex positions and this can become quite a challenge because it really is difficult to find something new and creative to say about this subject. It's a topic that is written about extensively and covered in many how to sex manuals.

Most of us have seen and heard about all of it. I mean really there are only so many ways we can bend, fold, curl, lift, tuck, arrange and manipulate our body parts. Seems everybody wants to be a sexual contortionist these days.

If you're looking for a great selection of illustrated positions, one of the best sources available can be found at Tantra.com You're sure to find some unique and creative positions here that you haven't tried before in the hundreds of explicit videos and pictures available to you.

There are basically 5 different categories of positions and everything else is simply a variation of these categories.

5 Postion Categories

Now within each of these groupings there is quite a vast array of positions to explore, of which most of them you can find in other areas of this site, however on this page we're wanting to discover some different sex positions. We're wanting to avoid the "been there done that" postures.

So how do we find some different sex positions that are fresh and exciting? The key lies in creativity.

A New Twist for Different Sex Positions

To keep variety in your position menu you must learn to put a twist on all the old and standard postures.

With the assistance of the perfect piece of sex furniture you can instantly achieve hundreds of new and unique positions you've never reached before. Something like a liberator wedge to lift or a sex swing to enable flexibility can help you not only experience heightened pleasure, but you're sure to have a great time doing it as well.

You can also enhance different sex positions by changing your angle of penetration or the depth of your thrusting and sex furniture is an excellent tool to aid in this quest.

Many Ways to Alter Standard Positions

You can transform your everyday stances and create different positions by making love in new and unusual places, because new scenery that is limited in space or allows for unlimited space forces you and your partner to find creative ways of achieving penetration and incites feelings of uninhibitedness and deeper arousal and desire.

Make Love in Some of these Hot Spots:

Different Sex Positions to Try

Now I know that you're still hoping to find some wild and crazy different sex position that no one has ever heard of before. Perhaps you're wanting to get into some kinky sex positions.

Here's a few that are considered different sex positions, because they aren't one of your common everyday standards, but I can't guarantee you haven't seen them somewhere before. Even if you have, it can be fun and refreshing to incorporate them into your repertoire a little more frequently.

Butterfly Position
If you're looking for a unique way to offer fantastic g spot stimulation and make your man feel like a Don Juan, then this is the position for you.

Lap Dance Position
A great position for foreplay as well as the main event. The lap dance position is every man's dream and offers the woman g spot massage as well as exciting clitoral stimulation.

Reverse Cowgirl Position
Find your inner cowgirl and take a wild ride on your cowboy to find great g spot orgasms and mesmerize your man with titillating views of your bottom.

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