Favorite Sex Positions

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

I ran a contest for subscribers to my newsletter asking them to submit their opinion on their favorite sex positions and these were the results.

By: Mehluli, South Africa, Johannesburg

I've always been interested in a position that increases the chance that my wife will orgasm with intercourse or at least experience simultaneous orgasms. I think they call it the CAT something. (Coital alignment Technique).

I love it and it s really good, plus once in a while a doggy is exciting.

By: Brad, Greenville, SC

Horizontal Dog

I know this is not a new position, but, we both really enjoy it. It is basically a doggie position but with the wife laying down on her stomach with a pillow below her waist.

This is a favorite because my thrusting may not be deep, but it is directed at her G-Spot which if done long enough can giver her a great orgasm. It is also good because I can rest on one arm and reach under to massage whatever I like.

By: Cassie, Tacoma, WA

Newer Bride

I like the doggy style position the best. It allows my husband deep penetration and I feel really sexy in that position. We both feel like I am on display which helps me be more comfortable with my body.

I also like that he can reach around and fondle my clitoris, grab my breasts or even run his hands all over. It also gives him the "perfect" view of my body (he is a butt guy).

By: Doc Franz, Amarillo, Texas

Bedside Manner

I really enjoy having my wife, on her back, with her butt at the edge of the bed. I then slightly bend my knees and enter her while standing on the floor. Sometimes I can put my hands/arms under her butt and lift her up a bit so I can straighten my legs. I don't get tired as soon then. Plus by having her at different heights it will also allow various depths and degrees of penetration.

By: Shars

Out of Control

Being on top of my boyfriend gives me one of the most pleasurable feelings ever...it is one of my favorite sex positions. I feel in control and it makes him feel a little out of control as I turn him on....this also shows him that I know how to please him as well as myself....he always says that it turns him more when he can see how much I am enjoying our love making and finds it sooo sexy! I love to see him enjoying me as I do different rhythms and interlock my feet with his..... look him in the eyes and kiss him at times!!!

By: Tja'a, Ljubljana, Slovenija, Europe

Oral Sex

I am a woman and I really enjoy having oral sex with my girlfriend. especially giving it to her. The best way to do it is to do a 69 position, when she spreads in front of my face and I have full access to her vagina, anal area, clitoris and everything. I can also spank her a little during sex.

Second position is also oral sex. It's when she sits on my face. I like this position, because she is more active. She moves around, presses her vagina strongly or loosely against me and for extra bonus, I can also touch her breasts at the same time. She can lean back a little and reaches toward my vagina.

By: John

Wolverhampton, England

Woman on Top

I like the woman on top because I like it when she is in control, I like to be dominated by my female partner. Some people say it is lazy for the man this way but I say no it is not, I can concentrate more on delaying my self in order for her to enjoy more time with me, but saying all this, more often we end up in the missionary position.

By: Wendy


For me that's the best position to achieve orgasms and because we see our lover face to face, to see the expression he makes while I'm enjoying penetration is such a turn on for me and I loved kissing and caressing each other while being penetrated by my lover is just one of the BEST.

By: Unknown

Its all about variety

For me its not just one position, its about the variety. Sometimes I like to be on top, sometimes missionary, sometimes doggy ... those are my three favorite sex positions ... sorry to be too vanilla. Not a fan of lying on my side, reverse cowboy .. meh ... but give me a combo of my three favorites in one session and I will be a very happy camper :-)

By: Autumn Breeze, Australia

Deeper the better

Doggie style it is for this woman. Either with the real thing or dildos, it feels oh so good from behind. You can get it deeper and stronger with the woman on her knees. Also gives you a chance for some anal finger play!

By: Unknown

Pleasure two ways

I love to lay on my stomach! After lots of playing around, he takes and turns me over to my stomach. My legs are together and I reach under me to help guide him into me. After this my hand always stops at my clit. I start to rub and stimulate myself.

At first he knows to go slow and easy, softly in and out. I think my legs being together this way increases me being able to feel every inch, bump, and wrinkle on his cock.

He finally can't take it any more and starts to move faster which excites me and I also start to rub my clit faster and harder. Well, you get the picture!

This way makes for the most intense orgasm I have ever had. And he loves it also, because we always cum together!!!

By: Unknown

I love doing it Doggie style. I don't know why it just feels so good to me.

By: Paul, Alabama

My favorite sex position is when I bend my girl over and she sticks her butt up in the air.

By: Gargi Mumbai,Maharashtra, India

Traditional ways

We Indians are known for our traditional ways, but to tell you the fact even after trying many other ways I still enjoy with him over me. With him over me he caresses me all over, sucks my nipples, bites and does every possible thing and that is fun.

Also with me over him is what I like because in that case I can caress him, tease him with my nipples getting closer to his mouth for sucking but move them away to tease him. So that's my liking for sex.

By: Lisa,Mi

Woman on top As a woman I like to be on top. Not only does it let me control the depth & direction, it provides visual stimulation for my man. I have never met a man who doesn't like a woman to take charge...

By: Unknown

Up against the wall 98% of the time

As a 52 y/o male I am "still learning" how best to do this position.

She (98% of the time) orders me to "stand up" (against the wall) she is a bit shorter and yes it does take strength in a number of areas, especially when she really wants penetration.

She also likes the silky feel of leaving our underwear on so our hands are quite busy as well. She enjoys feeling the complete body press including our legs intertwined, but likes me lifting her up completely which really has me working on my pectoral, back and bicep muscles in the gym.

Whew, it's a workout for sure but worth EVERY drop of sweat. She wants me to "pin" her to the wall (both arms stretched as far up as they'll go) about 40% of our against the wall lovemaking.

Interested to hear anyone elses experiences) with the wall technique P L E A S E! Enjoy, Take Care, Be Safe.

By: Maria, Wilmington CA

My Experience as a woman

Well, first of all I love being with my boyfriend, we have together around 3 years.... and in bed I think am really hot and he make me feel so good....

I have tried many positions and the one that I really like is: I don't know what it's called but it kind of looks like doggy style and the one that I really love is when am on top of him, because I can control my man...and control the way that i like.... also... I like asking if he likes it and then he starts to ask me dirty questions and we are just having fun touching and speaking ..... I have tried many positions and sometimes there are ones that i don't like but.....we are always having fun with each other....

One of my fantasies is like in a romantic place... with candles and roses....and well do many things that I'm not gonna say....!!!! =D am keeping this day for my honeymoon.....

Also, I want to say that I don't believe in a room for more than two.... and well, my boyfriend is my second and I'm really in love with him... and also am so happy in bed....

Thanks everyone for sharing your favorite sex positions.

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