Fellatio Techniques to Rock His World

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

The enlightened woman aspires to becoming the best she can be in fellatio techniques because she is keenly aware that there is incredible power in this skill for not only the satisfaction she gives him, but the benefits it will bring her in their relationship as well.

Oral sex is extremely important to a man because his identity is strongly associated with his penis. When a man who enjoys and desires fellatio is deprived of this need he is likely to feel rejected, resentful and dissatisfied. This does not make for a harmonious relationship. It's not uncommon at all for men who don't receive oral at home to find it in other places and his partner never knows about it. For the man who truly loves his wife and can't live with the guilt of infidelity he often turns to phone sex as an alternative. The raw truth in this matter is that if oral sex is a high priority for a man, he is quite likely to get it one way or another.

Fellatio Techniques

If he does live without it, he carries a great deal of resentment and unhappiness. His sex life is not fulfilling. He doesn't feel as close to his partner as he desires. He doesn't feel loved and accepted on the deepest level. He feels deprived. The relationship suffers because this puts a rift between partners and doesn't allow them to rise to the heights that are possible.

Developing and enjoying fellatio techniques gives her power as a lover, a woman and a life partner. The power to give him ultimate sexual pleasure, the power to increase intimacy and enhance all aspects of the relationship, and the power to discourage infidelity.

Providing fellatio to her man is one of the finest ways for her to express her love for him and prevent wandering eyes. He will find her overwhelmingly alluring and desirable.

When it comes to pleasing your man, all techniques are incomparable to fellatio techniques. It is prime, first-rate, second to none.

Some women are not real wild about developing fellatio techniques. If you are one of them, it would be to your benefit to seek out a professional to discuss this with. There's usually an underlying reason, that if found, may be overcome. Many women internalize the negative cultural and religious messages that still float around. They may on an unconscious level feel that fellatio is disgusting or dirty. A past sexual experience that was negative may leave them feeling used or disrespected when engaging in oral sex. Inaccurate messages they received growing up may be internalized. They may feel that fellatio is something that only "bad girls" do. It's possible that you can undo this kind of conditioning by working it out with a professional and learn to appreciate oral sex.

Fellatio Techniques for the Reluctant

If you're reluctant to partake in fellatio or find it less than enjoyable, try a few of these preliminary fellatio techniques:

(Sidebar) Men, you can help your reluctant woman become a more willing participant by making sure that you express respect and appreciation for her loving act. Give her assurance before, during and after oral sex. Be sure your manhood area is fresh and clean. The same applies for all women, but for the unenthusiastic fellatioist a little extra effort may be called for. You can encourage your woman to be more interested in fellatio techniques with the right attitude.

Two of His Most Favorite Fellatio Techniques Approaches:

  1. Invite your lover to lie on his back and lift himself up on a pillow to watch you slip between his legs and satisfy him. Don't worry about what you look like or how you're performing. He will be so turned on he won't see anything but the sexiness.

  2. Drop to your knees on the floor for your man while he stands above you with his penis hanging in your face.

More Fellatio Techniques to Blow His Mind

Want to give your man the best fellatio he ever had? Learning How to Blow His Mind is one of the best ways to keep him faithful and committed.

(Sidebar) Because of a mans natural instinct to thrust he may get carried away with the last two fellatio techniques, so be sure to let him know when it becomes too uncomfortable and he should also be aware that your mouth will not be able to sustain this movement for too long. You may want to reserve this technique for short durations or special occasions.

(Sidebar) It's very important for the woman to know that it is a real turn off and an insult for the man if she acts repulsed by his semen. This attitude kills his passion and makes him feel rejected and resentful. The best fellatio techniques involve swallowing his masculine nectar. If you don't like to swallow, at least don't act repulsed by his semen. Delight in his semen on other areas of your body, such as on your breasts or abdomen. Make an attempt to swallow at least some of the time.

Be sure to be aware of your lover's body language and sounds as you pleasure them and read their cues. Make adjustments in your speed, pressure and rhythm accordingly. Encourage your lover to let you know what feels good and what they want. Sharpening and fine tuning your fellatio techniques will keep your man satisfied, faithful, devoted and captivated by you.

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