Finding the G Spot

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Clitoral orgasms are fantastic, but by finding the g spot and adding g spot stimulation to your play you can increase the intensity of pleasure and variety of sensations to even more fulfilling heights. Having an orgasm that is both clitoral and G simultaneously is as good as it gets.

One of the most popular and effective g spot toys that can help you achieve both types of orgasm simultaneously is the Rock Chick. It's very easy to use and is great for couples or single women. It can help you in your quest for finding the g spot quickly and easily and bring you the most amazing orgasms.

So where is the elusive G spot? Many people don't know where it is and think finding the G spot is quite difficult. It is not hard to find at all and when you do you will be very happy to make its acquaintance.

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You might be able to locate your G spot by squeezing your PC muscles. You can locate your PC muscles by trying to stop your flow of urine by squeezing the muscles in your vagina. When stopping the flow of urine, notice which muscles you feel squeezing. You may feel a slight surge of arousal in these muscles. That area where the arousal surges is the G spot. It is highlighted in this picture with a black circle.

Another great way of finding the G spot is by lying on your back and bending your knees. Spread your legs and slide two of your fingers just about an inch inside your vagina and then press upwards towards your belly button. You will find a spongy area that has ridges on it approximately the size of a quarter. Pleasurable sensations from this spot may extend forward to the edge of your opening and up to your clitoris. You can try looking for your G spot when you are alone or it can be fun for you and your lover to explore it together and find new paths of pleasure.

Once you succeed in finding the g spot, there are a variety of ways to stimulate the G spot. Manually, orally, with toys, with various positions of penetration, or with anal sex. G spot stimulation can, but not always, produce female ejaculation that is different from the typical juices or wetness produced from arousal or clitoral orgasms. It can even gush out. It is a clear odorless liquid. It is not urine.

Manually you can stimulate the G spot by thrusting, rubbing or pressing. What works best is to press and rub simultaneously in a circular motion. You can pump, grind or thrust your hips with the movement of the hands. Something for the vagina walls to wrap around while contracting will enhance the pleasure of the G spot orgasm. This can be the penis, a vibrator or dildo or even something out of your crisper drawer in the refrigerator. A zucchini is very flexible and provides a good firm surface to wrap around and provide G spot stimulation.

Your lover can use one hand on your G spot and one hand on your clitoris for dual stimulation. Producing orgasm in both areas is profoundly pleasurable. Another incredibly satisfying treat to give your lover is to lick, suck and probe the clitoris orally while stimulating the G spot either with your hand, vibrator, dildo, etc. Again this produces extremely satisfying orgasms.

The angle of entry in anal penetration provides direct stimulation of the G-spot. Having something for the anus to contract around as well as the vagina walls during orgasm gives immense enjoyment. You can also stimulate the clitoris with your own hand while your lover is penetrating anally, or they can reach around and stimulate it for you.

A variety of positions are good for G spot stimulation such as Doggy Style and Woman on Top.

If your partner is away, adding G spot stimulation to your masturbation is a wonderful way of self-pleasuring. You can use a vibrator on your clitoris and your hand on your G spot or vice versa. You can slip one finger in your anus and give yourself double penetration while rubbing your clitoris. Double penetration with clitoral stimulation creates earth-shaking orgasms, even when you are doing it alone.

Use these tips for finding the G spot and g spot stimulation and you'll have a more intense pleasurable sexual experience.

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