Fun Sex

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Having fun sex is important for all couples for a variety of reasons. First and foremost because it strengthens your bond both emotionally and physically.

Think about it; don't you just love to spend time with someone that you have fun with? Absolutely. You look forward to it and go out of your way to make it happen. You share a special connection and feel closer to the people that you have fun with. It increases intimacy.

Fun Sex

Add the fun aspect to the pleasurable sensations that sex provides and you have an incredibly potent force to reinforce your connection to one another. Your sex life is more satisfying and enjoyable and your overall relationship is enhanced.

Having fun sex makes you happier, enhances your quality of life and keeps the relationship fresh and exciting.

Additionally, when you have fun sex, it's not very likely that one of you will grow bored. This is crucial, because sexual boredom is a leading cause of infidelity. So essentially sex that is fun helps you build a relationship that will be less vulnerable to this risk and keeps both partners focused on one another.

Fortunately, sex is fun usually without a lot of work, however, sometimes it's easy for a couple to get into a rut of predictable routine and forget about having fun.

10 Great Ways to Keep Your Sex Fun:

Two more really fantastic ways to keep your sex fun is through erotic emails and phone sex. They are a superior tool for keeping the fire smoldering at all times. You can't find anything more versatile that offers so many different benefits and the greatest aspect of all is that it costs you absolutely nothing and you have access to them at all times. Use them as a form of foreplay, a sex game, a tool for building desire and arousal or a means to masturbate together.

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