Furniture Designed for Sex

Furniture designed for sex provides adventurous couples with the ability to achieve unlimited positions. It presents new dimensions that give a whole new meaning to the word "variety." By taking sex out of the bed and into a sensual adult playground it's a fantastic tool that every connoisseur of love making positions will want to have for keeping their sex life fresh, exciting and fun.

With increased flexibility and a vast amount of different angles, a couple can achieve positions never before possible. It also spices up the common everyday position. No matter how many times you've used a particular position it can be a new and exciting adventure with sex furniture.

If you're ready to explore some exciting new furniture now, click the sexy couple below or read on for more tips and recommendations.

Depending on which piece of furniture designed for sex you choose, the woman can achieve better stimulation of the g spot and clitoris, the male can achieve uninhibited thrusting and deeper penetration, and both partners can experience a wider variety of pleasurable sensations, prolonged lovemaking, more and deeper climaxes, increased intimacy and the opportunity to explore new territory full of fun and adventure.

Sex furniture can enhance oral sex and anal sex as well as standard intercourse. Add a few sex toys to the event and you can enhance the lovemaking even more.

Below you'll find my suggestions for the best furniture to be found and the sensual benefits that can be reaped with each one.

The Liberator Esse

The prime rib of liberator shapes is the Esse. With this classy piece of furniture designed for the truly adventurous at heart, you'll never run out of positions to explore. Not only that it makes a beautiful piece of lounge furniture for a lazy day of rest and relaxation.

The Liberator King Sized Escape

With the Liberator Escape, even those hard surface areas can become part of your sexual playground. Take your lovemaking adventures to the hardwood floor, concrete basement, next to the pool, under the stars or warm sunlight in any terrain you desire. Nothing is off limits anymore. The Escape is a moisture-proof sex pad for two that is encased in an easy slip-off microfiber cover that is machine washable.

The Liberator Zeppelin

This plush, exquisite lovemaking ship allows for new sensations and comfort while riding where no couple has gone before. Then after the ride is over, provides a deep satisfying night of sleep.

The Love Swing

Experience almost complete freedom in movement and try out some exciting new positions never before achieved with the love swing.

Easy to install, fully adjustable padded back, hip and leg supports, spring action, overhead support bar, back and forth motion with 360 rotation. Can be set up and broke down in just minutes.

Can be installed easily with a single eye bolt in a door frame or ceiling beam or you can purchase the optional steel swing stand that supports up to 400 lbs and is also easily and quickly assembled. Also easy to store or transport.

Liberator Shapes

One of the most popular and innovative lines of sex furniture is the liberator shapes. They have a large variety of shapes and sizes to achieve everything you can possibly think of in regard to positions and enhancement of sexual pleasure. Since they have so many choices, I've made them their own page with a brief description of each one and the benefits they offer.

The wedge, cube, ramp, scoop, esse.

One of the most popular, versatile and affordable shapes is the liberator wedge.

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