The Best G Spot Orgasm Technique

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

There are a variety of g spot orgasm techniques to explore, but I'm going to share my personal favorite with you.

In my opinion there is nothing more pleasurable and intense than an orgasm that is experienced in both the clitoris and the g spot simultaneously.

I've found them to be a very euphoric and spiritual experience with so much intensity that at times I felt like I'd pass out with pleasure.

G Spot Orgasm Technique

This particular technique can be done with a partner or with your favorite toy.

I find it to be most satisfying and exciting with a lover, but when that's not possible the orgasm can still be quite intense and pleasurable.

My experience has also been that my pleasure is the most intense and satisfying when the orgasm was achieved with someone I was deeply in love with.

The deeper the feelings for my lover and the more emotional connection that exists then the more intense the sexual experience.

The Best G Spot Orgasm Technique With Partner

Your lover lays on the bed, floor or whatever surface you desire. You straddle your lover in the standard woman on top position and take his penis inside you.

Once on top you can participate in any of your favorite activities prior to focusing on your orgasm.

He can caress your body and breasts. You can lean forward and kiss him and run your hands across his chest.

You can bounce up and down. Ride him hard, ride him slow.

He can hold your buttocks and caress them. Play and ride as long as you like.

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After you've had your fun and your ready to get down to business, lean forward and kiss him passionately.

While his penis is inside you, slide your hips forward slightly with your knees bent at the sides of hips.

Rock back and forth or slide back and forth until you feel the base of his penis rubbing against the g spot area. You'll recognize it when you feel that surge of arousal pulsating or the slight sensation like you might have to go to the bathroom.

Pull the hood back on your clitoris and let it rub against the shaft of the penis a little further up.

Now once you feel stimulation occurring on both the clitoris and the g spot, then start rocking back and forth so that your pressing yourself against his penis, giving more and more stimulation to both the clitoris and the g spot.

(Sidebar)You should not be thrusting up and down. You should be rocking back and forth with your hips. Your pelvic area will be grinding against his pelvic area. Do not move up and down the penis. Once you position the penis exactly where you need it, keep it there.

The intimacy of this position combined with the stimulation of the both clitoris and g spot makes it extremely pleasurable and you can experience one of the best orgasms possible.

Keep rocking and grinding yourself back and forth against his penis until you reach climax. Reposition at any time if you feel the need.

You may find that you can get better stimulation if you stretch your legs out completely straight in-between his legs and then rock and grind.

The Best G Spot Orgasm Technique without Partner

Position yourself on the bed on your knees, place your toy on the bed between your legs, lower yourself down upon it. Once the toy is inside your vagina, then lean yourself forward. Rock yourself back and forth on the toy until you feel the base of the toy stimulating your g spot area.

Since there's no body attached to the toy, you may have to do some maneuvering to find the right spot. Position and reposition the toy until you find it.

Follow the above instructions the same.

This g spot orgasm technique can be even further enhance by using a small clit stimulator on your clitoris while riding your lover or your toy.

Some women find it easier to reach a g spot orgasm with a toy like the rock chick. It can be used alone or with your partner.

There are also many variations on this g spot orgasm technique that could be applied. Experiment and explore on your own. Don't be afraid to use your imagination and find what works for you.

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