G Spot Stimulation for Better Orgasms

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

G spot stimulation can provide the woman with a much more intense and satisfying orgasm. It enhances her level of pleasure and presents her with a bigger variety of enjoyable sensations to revel in.

G Spot Stimulation

A g spot orgasm is a completely different experience than a clitoral orgasm. It can last longer and consists of more contractions. Some women describe it as a whole body experience, where as the clitoral orgasm is more localized pleasure.

Stimulation can be performed either alone or in combination with clitoral stimulation. Choosing the latter will give her an even more powerful and intense orgasm.

Slide a finger in her anus, a vibrator in her vagina and your tongue on her clitoris and you can give her the most profound earth shaking orgasm she's ever had.

The g spot can be stimulated in numerous ways. This discussion assumes that you already know how to locate the g spot, so if you're still looking for it, you may want to visit how to find the g spot first.

Manual G Spot Stimulation

This can be achieved with your fingers or toys.

Slide your fingers inside and press up against the g spot while rubbing. The key for proper g spot simulation is to apply pressure and rub in a circular motion simultaneously.

Some women may also like a pumping movement by applying pressure with your finger and then pumping it or pulsating up and down.

Another option is to slide the finger back and forth as if thrusting in and out while applying pressure.

There are a variety of high quality toys designed specifically for g spot stimulation. Their unique structure makes it easy to find and reach. One of the most popular toys to help with finding and stimulating the g spot is the rock chick. Insert as instructed and be prepared for a new and immensely pleasurable experience.

Oral G Spot Stimulation

Because the g spot needs a good amount of pressure to incite arousal, you probably can't be successfully stimulating it to full potential with your tongue. Due to the length of the tongue it is difficult to get in deep enough for proper stimulation of the actual g spot bulb itself, but the sensitive areas capable of pleasure do not reside only in the bulb area, they extend outwards and surround the area.

If you put your tongue directly under the clitoris and move it in a straight line down to the entrance of the vagina, you will feel a slight ridge. This ridge runs directly into the g spot. Stimulate this ridge with your tongue while applying pressure to the g spot with your fingers and give your woman exquisite pleasure.

Love Making Positions for G spot Stimulation

Some of the best love making positions for the g spot are rear entry, woman on top, modified missionary or the coital alignment technique.

Anal penetration is also capable of stimulating the g spot. You can enhance this method even more by stimulating the clitoris with your fingers or a vibrator during anal penetration.

G Spot Video

Some women are capable of producing a clear odorless fluid during g spot stimulation which is often called g spot ejaculation or female ejaculation. It's also known as squirting. Some couples who experience it for the first time mistake it for urine. It's not.

If you're looking for a little self pleasuring you can stimulate the g spot yourself just as well as a lover with any of the above techniques. Use your fingers on your g spot while applying a vibrator to your clitoris or vice versa. Slide one finger in your anus and use another on your g spot.

It's important to know that not all women report being aroused by g spot stimulation. If it doesn't do much for her, there's nothing to worry about, just move on to other activities that are enjoyable. It's just like any other erogenous zone. Some women are aroused when you fondle their breasts or kiss their nipples and some aren't. The same applies to the g spot. Don't put undue pressure on yourself or your partner if you're not able to experience what you'd like.

Although, sometimes the reason she's not experiencing the pleasure that others claim can be found is because of a lack of experience or fear. Take time to fully explore this zone and become comfortable with the new sensations. It may take a while to fully discover how to enjoy this new method of pleasure. Don't be afraid to explore new territory.

If she doesn't enjoy g spot stimulation one time, it doesn't necessarily mean she won't enjoy it the next time. Try it again on another day. For some women, they must be in precisely the right mood. Other women report they are better able to find and enjoy the g spot after the age of 30.

As with all love making techniques, honest and open communication about what feels good or doesn't work is essential for making your g spot stimulation a successful and exciting sensual journey.

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