Great Sex Ideas

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Ah, yes the search for new ways to spice things up in the bedroom can be quite challenging. Even the most creative minds run out of great sex ideas now and then.

Keeping the spice, passion or excitement alive in a relationship is hard work, but here's a couple hot ideas to make it easier for you.

Coming up with new great sex ideas doesn't always have to be so difficult.

One of the easiest ways to come up with some of your own is to simply take some of the tried and true tips and techniques that are effective for you and your partner and put a new spin on them. Some examples might include:

Great Sex Ideas

Foreplay is one of the oldest tried and true great sex ideas which can easily become routine. Put some added sizzle in your foreplay by extending your foreplay for an entire day. Engage in many sensual, thoughtful rituals like a small gift, whispering loving or naughty thoughts in their ear, a thoughtful compliment, cooking breakfast, sensual non sexual touching, flowers, a love note, a romantic dinner, dancing alone in the living room, a massage, a bath etc. beginning in the morning and extending throughout the day that ultimately lead to the lovemaking event in the evening. Another great form of foreplay can be found in the Naughty Diary.

We all know that using a variety of sex positions is one of the oldest tried and true techniques. Try adding an assistant to your positions such as the wedge pillow to create unique and exciting sensations and better orgasms. Sex cushions can help you achieve flexibility not possible on your own and thus give you the ability to try new positions. This will also add a sense of adventure and playfulness to your sex that will create more desire for one another and increase sexual satisfaction. They're also fantastic for stimulating the g spot.

Sex toys are always a sure bet to enhance pleasure and are becoming more common place in the couple's bedroom. Use sex toys as a special gift for your lover. Get them a new one for no special reason at all. You can enrich the gift with an added love note or naughty note describing what you'd like to see happen with this new toy. Alternatively you can buy yourself a new toy and give your lover a performance that shows them explicit illustrated directions on how to make best use of the toy.

Surprise Your Lover and Make Them Want You More Than Ever

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More Great Sex Ideas

One of the best great sex ideas is to use the element of surprise. We all love surprises and nothing can bring back or create new excitement quite like a sensual surprise. Surprise your lover with an unexpected sensual ambush and there's no doubt you'll be having great sex tonight.

Try the "take it outside" surprise. Lovemaking outdoors is exquisite pleasure. Some night when the stars and moon are lighting up the sky like a torch, or even a warm rainy night in summer when your lover is in the shower, at the computer or in front of the tube, sneak outside set up a blanket, your favorite bubbly or sparkling water. Take your lover by the hand and lead them outside. Kiss them, pour them a glass of wine and undress them slowly without words. Make love under the stars and the moon or in the rain.

There are many possible variations to use with the "taking it outside" surprise. Perhaps you can forego the blanket and do it on the grass, the hood of the car or up against the house. You could also create an invitation that you make either by hand or on your computer or buy a blank card at the store and insert your own message that reads something like this, "You are invited to a private party under the stars this evening, please meet me in our backyard at 9 p.m. I have a delicious surprise for you." Give this invitation to your lover earlier in the day so that they can fantasize about it all day and increase their arousal and desire by waiting with anticipation.

Another great surprise is what I call the "focus on your lover" surprise. This is where you spend an entire lovemaking session focusing purely on the satisfaction and pleasure of your partner only. You prepare and present them with a special lovemaking event that caters to their every need and desire. This may include a sensual movie, chocolate, all their favorite oral moves, their favorite positions and words, their most loved place or whatever the case may be for your lover. During this event you don't allow them to pleasure you. Your pleasure is coming solely from giving. Of course once you have presented your lover with such exquisite satisfaction and satiated their sexual desires completely they may be compelled to reciprocate and then and only then are they allowed and welcomed with open arms or legs, whatever the case may be!

The great sex ideas on this page are only a handful of examples, the list you can come up with is endless. Sit down and make a list of some your favorite sexual activities and some of the things you know drive your lover wild and put a new spin on them.

Twist them up a little, mix and match them.

Even your most effective tips and techniques can lose their appeal after repeated use. You can bring back appeal to some of your most favorite tried and trues, by refraining from them for awhile and then reintroducing them periodically and putting in a new twist. Twists can give you a whole new menu of great sex ideas.

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