Great Sex Guides for the Adventurous Couple

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

There are hundreds of sex guides available on the market today that cover everything from anal to zebras. LOL Sorry no zebras here!

They're a fantastic tool for couples to keep spice in their relationship. There is always something new to learn or ways to improve lovemaking skills with a little refining, sharpening or expanding.

It's also a great way to cultivate a sexually adventurous spirit.

I recommend that all couples pick up a new sex guide every couple months or so to keep your sexual repertoire fresh and exciting. Build a sex guides library and be sure to visit often alone or with your partner.

Sex guides can be used in many ways besides just sitting down to read as an instructional book. You can add more appeal to your sex guides if you don't think of them as instructions or lessons. But instead, think of them as games and gifts that will improve the quality of your sex life.

Playful Approaches to Find New Excitement in Your Sex Guides

Regardless of what stage your relationship is in, there's no doubt about it that sex guides can provide an eternal spring of titillating ideas to enhance your relationship.

By remaining open and willing to continuous learning and improvement of your lovemaking skills you'll develop a sex life that will be anything but boring or routing. Your adventures will keep your relationship fresh, passionate and exciting.

As your great sex coach, I, of course, have written several of my own great sex guides.

Sex Coach Cynthia's Great Sex Guides

Smoldering Embers Sex Guide

My sex guide "Smoldering Embers - Hot Erotic Stories and Sex Tips to Light a Couple's Fire" is a very unique book. It combines short erotic love making stories and sex tips that work together as not only a source of physical arousal and desire but also to stimulate new ideas to incorporate into your sexual play.

Smoldering Ember is available in paperback, hardback or instantly downloadable PDF format. The hardback version makes a beautiful gift for your lover.

"Adult Education at its finest: The perfect blend of frisky entertainment and erotic information. Just the thing for the intelligent lover -- in ALL of us!" Says Rusty Fischer, Author of The Buzz On Sex, Dating & Relationships

Read more about the "Smoldering Embers" Sex Guide

Lovemaking Smorgasbord Sex Guide

In the "The Lovemaking Smorgasbord- A Couple's Menu for Feeding Passion and Fidelity," you'll find it's packed with delicious sex tips to ignite a more passionate relationship that encourage fidelity.

The "Lovemaking Smorgasbord will improve not only your lovemaking, but your relationship as a whole.

It is available in both paperback or instantly downloadable PDF format.

"The Lovemaking Smorgasbord really lives up to it's name. Packed with lots of delicious meals to share with your lover, it's the perfect combination of naughtiness and intimacy." ~Diana , Seattle WA

Read More About "The Lovemaking Smorgasbord"

Sexual Desires Sex Guide

The "Keep Your Sexual Desires Burning" sex guide is just a little booklet but it's message is powerful. If you need a little a boost for your sex drive you'll find it's just what your looking for.

Available in instantly downloadable PDF

"Keep Your Sexual Desires Burning" gave me lots of great ideas I hadn't thought of to get me in the mood a lot more frequently."~Tammy, NY, NY

Read More About Keep Your Sexual Desires Burning"

Naughty Diary

The Naughty Diary" is truly a one of a kind sex guide. It's an exciting new form of foreplay that even every man will love, but it's also a sex game and lovemaking manual all wrapped up in one. Inspire arousal, desire and anticipation that lead to spine tingling sex.

"We absolutely love our "Naughty Diaries." Our sexual activity has doubled in the past two weeks." ~Tim and Donna, Prescott AZ

Read More About "My Naughty Diary"

Ways to Say I Love You Manual

"99 Inexpensive Ways to Say I Love You" is my most recent love manual and is packed with creative and unique ways to make your partner feel special, appreciated and desired, which will ultimately lead to a richer and more satisfying sexual relationship.

"Great little guide. I've been feeling much closer to my husband since trying some of the suggestions in this book." ~Angie CA

Available in instantly downloadable PDF

Read More About "99 Inexpensive Ways to Say I Love You"

Erotic Emails for Lover

This great little guide will teach you how to use the written word and the power of email to inspire more passion, desire and arousal. Surprise your lover today.

Available in instantly downloadable PDF

"My boyfriend was blown away by the erotic emails game.

Read More About "Erotic Emails for Lovers"

Phone Sex for Lovers

Phone sex is not just for single people anymore. Couple's can learn how to use the convenience of the phone and the power of their voice to seduce, tease and tantalize their partner. Call your lover today.

Available in instantly downloadable PDF

"Great tips for a beginner like me. The boyfriend is ecstatic when I tuck him in at night over the phone with a virtual blow job." ~Sandra T.


Read More About Phone Sex for Lovers"

The Art of Cunnilingus

When you learn the art of cunnilingus, you'll be able to give your woman out of this world pleasure and be viewed as an incredible lover.

Available in instantly downloadable PDF

"Worked like a charm. Took her to Jupiter and back, again and again." Nothing better than the sound of your woman really enjoying herself. ~Gregory


Read More About The Art of Cunnilingus"

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