Hot Lingerie - A Tool for Desire

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Wearing hot lingerie accomplishes many things for a couple, besides providing eye candy for the man. It's certainly no secret that it's a favorite event for men and a major turn on, however there are many more benefits that both male and female may reap.

Why is seeing his woman in sexy lingerie so exciting for a man, because men are very visually stimulated. It's just the way they are designed biologically. This is usually where their arousal begins - through sight. He just can't help himself. He sees an attractive, sexy woman and he's aroused without any conscious effort at all. It's nature.

What many women don't realize is that they can use this situation to their advantage. One of the best ways to keep your man's eyes from wandering is to keep him intrigued and enchanted at home. Strutting your stuff in hot lingerie on a regular basis is an easy way to achieve this.

When you've Wow'd your man with your irresistible partially clothed body the night before or in the morning, your image stays with him for days. He thinks about you and fantasizes while driving to work, sitting in his office or during that boring meeting. The vision of your luscious body keeps his desires for you simmering and he can't wait to get home to you again.

Will he still get aroused at the sight of other sexy women? Yes he will, because it's natural, but he's not likely to act on it when he's got a hot little sex kitten at home.

For even more impact, take a picture of yourself in your hot lingerie and put it in his lunch or send it to him at work in a business envelope. Keep your sexy image in the forefront of his mind at all times. This can be a great little teaser or a form of foreplay. When you've bought something new that he hasn't seen before, put it on and take your picture. Then send it to him at work and tell him you're at home waiting for him. When he arrives, greet him at the door in your new piece.

Additionally, it's not only his desires that are set on fire. It is hers too. First of all, there is something about the act of putting on lingerie that is very sensual and stimulating. The feel and the look of the lingerie on her body stirs her desires as well. For women who have trouble getting in the mood now and then, this can be a fantastic way of reigniting those sexual desires. Take your time and enjoy the sensations of the fabric against your skin. Go through the motions slowly and pretend you're a model on a camera. Touch yourself. Dressing and undressing for your man is sure to get the motors running for both of you.

Not only that, it boosts her self-esteem, self- confidence and self-image. She feels attractive, desirable, wanted and powerful. Knowing the impact she has on her man excites her even more. It's incredibly arousing to see the desire and arousal she is able to provoke in her lover's eyes.

Hot lingerie is one of those rare gifts that either partner can purchase for the other that actually brings immense pleasure to both parties. Regardless of whether he buys it for her or she buys it to wear for him, both partners are going to revel in the bliss. So it is a perfect purchase every time.

Surprise him. Surprise her. It's always a win-win situation.

To make things even more fun and interesting you can go shopping for hot lingerie together. This can be done online or in the actual store. Just imagining what you will look like in that skimpy little teddy or g-string will drive him wild. Carry your purchase around with you while you eat lunch together. Tease and tantalize him. Get it out of the shopping bag and look at it while you're waiting for your food to arrive. Then take him home and give him the show of his life. If you're shopping online, take your clothes off and sit on his lap naked or in your panties while you browse.

Another fun option is to acquire a large collection of different pieces and give your lover an actual Victoria's Secret like show. Create a make shift run way in your living room. Change outfits and show off every one of them to him. By the end of the event he won't be able to keep his hands off you and your body will be blazing with desire.

One of the greatest aspects of lingerie is that there is a never ending supply of variety and choices. Manufacturers are always coming out with new and exciting designs in every color under the rainbow. Neither one of you will ever have to get bored with the same piece of hot lingerie day after day.

One day it's thongs, corsets and bras, another day it's fishnets, crotchless, or body stockings, while yet another day it's babydolls, gowns, camisoles or garters. You can always add extras like masks, scarves, wigs, gloves and jewelry for even more dazzle. There is exotic lingerie, slutty lingerie, cheap lingerie, trashy lingerie, sensual lingerie, sheer lingerie, or satin, silk, french, vintage, leather, bridal and plus sizes.

There's something for everyone. Whether you're shy and reserved, wild and daring or somewhere in-between you're sure to find a vast array of exciting pieces of hot lingerie to fit your every mood and preference.

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