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How to have great sex? Most couples who've been in a long term relationship face this question at one point or another. Many couples struggle to understand why the spark and passion is not there as it used to be. They don't realize the spark is still there but it dwindles like a flame when it doesn't receive proper fuel. Over time as you settle into the comfort of security and commitment of a relationship you can inadvertently become complacent. Complacency in a relationship is deadly. It needs to be replaced with awareness and vigilance.

In a new relationship the initial chemistry ignites passion and excitement that is intense and requires no work. But after the initial excitement wears off it's common to fall into a pattern that can eventually become routine and boring.

Great sex is no longer something that just happens on it's own, but that doesn't mean you still can't experience that same level of excitement, pleasure and satisfaction. What it does mean is that having great sex takes ongoing conscious effort from both partners.

Understanding this is how the natural process unfolds is your first step to keeping great sex alive in your relationship. All relationships require maintenance and nurturing. Your intimate relationship is no different, in fact it requires extra special attention.

Truly Great Sex Engages and Fulfills
the Body, Mind and Spirit

There's not one "single" big secret on how to have great sex. It's a combination of numerous factors working together. Great sex is not just the result of the right move, touch, technique, position or place. Yes, the aforementioned aspects are very important and all relationships need lots of variety and experimentation surrounding these elements but there are many other factors that are equally important.

Great sex also requires good communication, willingness to give and meet your partners needs, ability to express your own needs, flexibility, making your sex life a priority, cultivating an adventurous sexual spirit, developing deeper intimacy and the ability to resolve conflict and resentments. To help couples with this I've put together the How to Have Great Sex E Package. This package contains all the lovemaking tips and tools you'll need in one affordable package to instantly improve your sexual relationship and take you to new heights of satisfaction and pleasure.

Whether you're relationship is new, seasoned or somewhere in between you'll find the How to Have Great Sex E-Package provides you with the sensual material needed to enjoy ongoing electrifying lovemaking.

Surprise your lover tonight with amazing sex like never before.

Even if your relationship is new and hasn't lost it's spark the How to Have Great Sex E Package will only enhance your sexual pleasure even more. It will give you a heads up on the key factors to focus on to head off any sexual boredom from developing.

If you've been together long term and you're looking for a little more passion, spice and variety you'll find that as well.

Even if you seem to have lost your spark the How to Have Great Sex E-Package can help you find it again and develop skills to keep it aflame.

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