How to Make Love to a Woman

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

The first thing a man needs to know for how to make love to a woman is that he should disregard everything he thinks he learned in the locker room or porn videos.

The information being shared in the locker room is highly distorted by the male perception and is largely based on what he has viewed in porn videos.

Many men watch porn movies thinking this will teach them what a woman wants. Typical porn movies DO NOT teach you how to satisfy a woman, they are designed for a males satisfaction. They aren't realistic. Most of them are downright offensive to many women.

How to Make Love to a Woman

They will try and make you believe that men need a nine inch penis to be a good lover and that the woman will climax again and again with repeated thrusting. She'll also be wearing her shoes and she reaches climax rather quickly. These are all myths.

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with watching a porn video for arousal and stimulation, but for videos that really teach you how to make love to a woman, look for some porn movies made for the woman's satisfaction such as those made by Candida Royalle or Playgirl or an instructional video such as the Better Sex Video Series is another great learning tool.

Men tend to make love to a woman in the manner which is pleasing to them. They love to have their penis sucked so they think the woman wants her clitoris sucked. Most women do not. She wants her clitoris licked, probed, rubbed and applied with pressure.

Men love endless thrusting so they think this will make their woman happy as well. It does not.

Men love their woman to go straight for their genitals so they think that's what she wants too. She does not.

The Truth About How to Make Love to a Woman

Good sex for a woman involves a lot of different factors that have nothing to do with his penis size or penetration.

Most women do not reach climax quickly and most women do not orgasm with intercourse no matter how big your penis is.

Yes, a woman does enjoy intercourse and with the right lover and proper adjusting of positions she can sometimes reach orgasm during penetration, but that is not the norm. She will have her most frequent orgasms with oral or manual stimulation.

A woman needs sufficient stimulation of the clitoris or g spot to reach climax. The standard thrusting you see in porn videos does not provide this.

The area of the vagina that is most sensitive is the first three inches starting from the entrance. Beyond that, the nerve endings are very few and she doesn't experience a lot of sensation. Therefore, it is not true that a woman needs a big penis to be satisfied.

Making love for a woman is a very different experience than it is for a man. A man can be aroused and ready to climax in a very short period of time. The woman needs an extended amount of time to reach that same point. Therefore the man will need to pleasure his woman before tending to his own needs.

If you want to learn how to be an exceptional lover who really knows how to please his woman, I suggest you take a look at the Virtuoso Lover and discover all the secrets you need to truly be the best lover she's ever had.

Important Tips for How to Make Love to a Woman

So now you may be wondering, what the heck does a woman want? Here are some of the most important aspects for the woman. As you'll see, learning how to make love to a woman involves several factors that have nothing to do with your penis.

It's also important for men to understand that there is not a clean cut road map for how to make love to a woman. Although most women share some common ground in what satisfies them as mentioned above, every woman is different. If you were to make love with five different women next week, each one of them would have different needs in regard to where they need touched, how they need touched, what makes them hot and wet, etc. etc. The most essential key for how to make love to a woman is to get to know your particular woman's specific needs as completely as possible.

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