Ice Sex

Excerpted from The Lovemaking Smorgasbord

During the hot and steamy dog days of summer, it can be a real challenge finding time to enjoy some hot sexual bliss with your Sweetie, without sweltering to death. Ice sex is a great fun way to cool off and heat up at the same time.

The easily accessible ice cube, not only cools off your favorite beverage but can also be transformed into a sensuous lovemaking assistant.

Here are some of the many ways you can incorporate ice cube sex into your romantic and sexual adventures:

So you don't need to let the summer heat interfere in your sensual adventures anymore. Ice cube sex can be a fantastic way to cool off, seduce and play on those hot sultry summer nights or days.

Not only that, it's great at engaging all the senses and presents us with a fabulous new toy that can give us many evenings of pleasure without costing anything.

A few words of caution: Ice can be painful and cause numbness if too cold or if left in one place on the body for too long. It may be best to let the cubes sit out a few minutes to lose some of their sting. Don't apply ice that is directly out of the freezer on the genitals, it could cause tearing of tissue; let it warm up and melt a little first. We all know what happens if we stick our tongue on the freezer. The clitoris is very sensitive, so you want to be extra careful in this area. Keep moving as your caressing; don't linger in one spot too long. Alternate between rubbing the ice and licking or kissing, so contact with ice is intermittent. Not only will this protect your lover from possible discomfort, but it will also make it more exciting and sensuous.

Not everyone will find ice on or in their genitals a pleasurable experience. If you don't, then be sure to express this to your lover and stick to caressing other parts of the body. As always communication and sensitivity to your lover's desires and needs is necessary to ensure a satisfying sensual experience when having ice sex.

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