Lap Dance Position

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Lap Dance Position

It seems men have been enchanted and seduced by the lap dance since the beginning of time, so what man wouldn't thoroughly enjoy this position? It appears to be a biological and universal desire.

And once the woman is aware of the many exciting benefits that this position offers, she will soon discover that this is one lap dance she will no longer object to.

One of the most exciting aspects of the lap dance position is the fact that sitting positions increase tightness in the woman's vagina because of a sharper angle of entry and this enhances pleasure for both partners.

How to Perform the Lap Dance Position

  1. The man sits upright on a chair, couch or bed
    A chair is most effective.

  2. The woman faces her lover and straddles his lap.
    For variation, the woman may sit on his lap while facing away from him. This allows for deeper penetration.

  3. She lowers her vagina down and over his penis and sits on his lap.

  4. The woman wraps her arms around his neck for support and then moves or pumps up and down on him.

    The man can place his hands on her hips and help her move up and down.

Pros of the Lap Dance Position

Cons of the Lap Dance

Enhance the Lap Dance Position

The man is in the ideal position to hold his penis and rub it against his partner's clitoris or stimulate it with his fingers.

The woman's hands are also free to caress his testicles or to grab his buttocks and pull him towards her.

Spice up this position by giving your man an actual lap dance before moving on to the lovemaking. Use it as a form of foreplay.

Wear something very sexy like crotchless underwear and your heels. Or perform in your favorite bikinis and barefoot or completely naked. Another alternative is to buy a full outfit at your favorite lingerie store.

Tease him incessantly. Dance very very close to his body and just brush gently up against him.

Bend down and kiss him.

Pull away and shake your booty at him.

Brush your nipples against him.

Circle around him.

Sit down on his lap and rub against his penis.

Grab hold of his penis and rub against it your clitoris. Slide it up and down your slit.

Keep this up until he can't keep his hands off you and is begging for consummation. Then transition into the lap dance position with the greatest of ease and enjoy heightened pleasure.

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