Lap Sex

By Ryan from Salt Lake City,UT

Lap Sex

There really is no comparison to lap sex. To have your girl positioned right in front of you and to have her arms wrapped around your neck as her fingers slide through your hair and her head is cocked back enjoying all of the sensations. Not to mention those breasts flapping in front of your face while you are squeezing her butt...

I love this position because both partners can be in control, there isn't just one taking all of the pleasure. Also, for me, my girl can move around quite easily and give me some really great angles while we are thrusting into each other. Sometimes while in other positions it seems as if the breasts get neglected, but in lap sex they receive ample attention.

I also like that we are face to face and can see each others' reactions to different things. It makes my job easier when I know what is working and what isn't.

The fact is, my girl is getting more daring all of the time and by reading all of Cynthia's tips it has helped our "play" time be so much more adventurous and pleasurable. Thanks Cynthia for your site!

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