Liberator Shapes

Liberator shapes are some of the most sought after pieces of sex furniture and for good reason. They offer a large variety of different shapes and sizes to create an inspiring adult playground to explore and enjoy.

These fashionable, attractive pieces of love furniture use angles and elevations to help the couple manipulate positioning in ways never able to achieve before. Each shape can help you reach different goals. The shapes can also be combined to double the benefits of each one.

All liberator shapes are classy and stylish and come in a variety of different colors, which makes them appealing to the eyes as well as the body. The sight alone inspires desire and adventure.

There are two different types. The original style and the black label style. The black label style comes with straps for the hands and ankles for the the couple who'd like to add a little more adventure.

All liberator shapes are made of comfortable dense core foam and a removable, washable, water resistant nylon and plush velour dual cover.

Use the liberator shapes to enhance pleasure, have fun, inspire adventure, create desire and build intimacy. A fantastic lovemaking tool for all couples, but especially those who seek unlimited love making positions.

The Liberator Ramp

The Liberator Ramp is great for enhancing doggie style or rear entry position and woman on top.

Free up your hands and experience weightless support with it's deep slope elevation.

It also grips easily to other liberator shapes like the wedge.

It comes with a color illustrated 44 page position manual to help you explore more positions and a free convenient nylon storage carrying case.

It can be used on the bed, the floor, indoors or outdoors.

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The Liberator Wedge

One of the most popular, versatile and affordable liberator shapes is the liberator wedge.

It's amazing for g spot stimulation, deeper penetration, increased access and new sensations.

Also excellent for enhancing oral sex or anal sex.

A favorite for many women.

The wedge can also be purchased with the Better Sex Video Series at a fantastic price. A three volume adventure that features the Liberator Wedge in both volumes 1 and 2.

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The Liberator Scoop

The scoop can rock, tilt, tip, dip and flip.

On the rocking side you can enhance the doggie style, oral, missionary and 69. Flip it over and the woman can tantalize her man with some of the best views of her hungry body and he can experience deeper penetration.

Take your lover to a tender lovemaking paradise or a ride on the wild side.

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The Liberator Cube

A terrific assistant for transitioning from one position to another almost effortlessly.

The cube is excellent for lap dance position. What man wouldn't love a lap dance from his woman?

Also enhances lotus position, doggie style and enables new adventures for off the side of the bed lovemaking. Rock and bounce your way to ecstasy.

The cube impersonates an attractive ottoman so there's no need to tuck it away or disguise it.

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The Liberator Esse

This luxurious Cadillac of sex furniture enables you to achieve literally 100's of new and exciting positions and endless hours of sensual exploration.

Stretch out, straddle or sit. Her on top, Him on top.

The Esse stands in as a stylish chaise lounge so you get more for your money and it doesn't have to be stuffed in the closet.

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