Love Making Stories for Couples

Desire always begins in the mind. Love making stories stimulate the mind and awaken desire. They can be read with your lover as an arousing form of foreplay and stimulation, but they also offer a variety of other wonderful benefits.

Curl up in bed together with nothing but a book between you or read your lover a bedtime story and sleeping is something that won't be happening anytime soon.

If you've lost your loving feeling, reading stories on a regular basis is a very effective way to bring sexual desire alive again. Use them to build desire for both partners and bring you closer to your lover.

Love Making Stories

They also serve as a tool to communicate your unspoken sexual needs and fantasies. If you have a particular sexual desire or fantasy that you're reluctant to share with your lover, reading a sensual story together can be a fantastic way to get the message across without the words.

Next to a movie, they are the best source to escape and live in the world of fantasy for a time being.

However, they can also be read when you're all alone to awaken sexual desire for your lover or to compliment a private moment we all have from time to time.

No matter why you read erotic stories, they are a healthy way of creating arousal and desire for you and your partner to enjoy.

You can find a lot more great ideas for using stories to spark your fires by visiting my short erotic stories page.

I use the term erotic love making stories for my stories because although my stories always take place between a loving couple they have a touch of eroticism for added spice. Other appropriate terms may be erotic romance or romantica.

Love making stories are an excellent means for a couple to keep their relationship fresh and exciting.

They can be used not only for inciting arousal, stimulation, and desire but also as a means to deepen your intimate connection, enhance communication and explore new ideas and techniques.

They're also terrific for keeping your lovemaking fun and adventurous.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy and benefit from love making stories.

Although sex stories abound on the Internet, it can be very hard to find sensual stories that take place between loving passionate couples.

Seeing a real need for this kind of story, I created the book "Smoldering Embers - Hot Erotic Stories and Sex Tips to Light a Couple's Fire. It's packed with delicious stories for loving couples, as well as a sex tip bonus section. So if you're looking for a great collection of affordable sexy stories that will stimulate desire and passion for you and your partner to keep at your bedside, you may want to take a look at it.

Whether you're male or female, you'll find something that fits your specific needs. Each story is short and to the point like a sexy vignette, which is great for busy people on the go and achieving stimulating results very quickly It's available in paperback, hardback or as a convenient E-Book instantly downloadable in PDF format.

However, if you're looking for some freebies to read right now, you can visit the links below for a sample of what you'll find in Smoldering Embers.

Happy Birthday

Divine Oral Pleasures


Elements of Nature

Making Waves


What a Sight

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This story begins somewhere back in November 2007. I had a job interview that day, however I arrived late for the interview and was unable to take it.

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We were watching TV in bed when suddenly he got up, lit some candles and turned off the TV. He came back to the bed, lovingly instructing me to move up onto his lap to hold me like his precious baby. He began to kiss me, holding my face with one hand and his arm securing me in his embrace.

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