The Love Swing

With the Love Swing you can experience almost complete freedom in movement.

This new found freedom enables you to achieve some exciting new positions never before achieved and enhance your standard everyday positions.

Bend, stretch, hang, and manipulate your way to new bliss.

Remember that wonderful feeling as a child as you soared through the air weightlessly? Now combine that feeling with passion and arousal and you have a sex toy that will give you exhilarating sexual pleasure.

You and your lover can spend hours exploring, playing and experimenting. Take turns being the rider, swing upside down, ride on your belly and the more adventurous type can even see how acrobatic they can be by swinging those legs up in the air.

Enjoy new sensations, more adventurous lovemaking, deeper penetration, easier access for vaginal or anal entry, clitoral or g spot stimulation and more satisfying orgasms.

Easy to install, fully adjustable padded back, hip and leg supports, spring action, overhead support bar, back and forth motion with 360 rotation. Can be set up and broke down in just minutes.

Can be installed easily with a single eye bolt in a door frame or ceiling beam or you can purchase the optional steel swing stand that supports up to 400 lbs and is also easily and quickly assembled. Also easy to store or transport.

Turn your room into an exciting adult playground and have the best swing in town.

Now if this toy is a little out of your price range and you'd like to experience the same freedom of movement at a little more affordable price you may want to try the door swing instead. An instant sling that installs onto any secure door in seconds.

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