Divine Oral Pleasures

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.
Hot oral sex story, excerpted from Smoldering Embers

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I scanned the hotel room as I stepped quietly inside to make sure Ben was nowhere around. According to his schedule he should have been downstairs in one of the conference rooms with a room full of young medical students giving a lecture, but I wanted to be sure. He had been gone all week as it was a week long seminar. Feeling a little frisky, I decided to surprise him with a last minute visit before he left so we could have a whole weekend of relaxation and naughty fun.

Luckily I had been able to convince the desk attendant I was Ben's wife and that he was expecting me. Not a complete lie, he was my husband and although he wasn't expecting me, he would certainly be happy with what I had in store for him. Initially the attendant gave me a hard time, saying that Ben had not notified them of my impending arrival. After 15 minutes of frustration, I knew I had to resort to other tactics.

"Well he must have been so busy he forgot," I explained one more time and flashed my long slender legs out from under my rain coat, giving the young man full view up past my thigh.

The attendant handed me the key without a word as he bent over the desk and his eyes roamed the length of my legs with his jaw on the floor.

'Oh that was easy,' I chuckled as I walked down the corridor to the elevator. Poor boy, he was so flustered. I'm sure that I intimidated the hell out of him and made his day all at the same time.

Scoping out the room to see what changes I could make to add a personal touch, I decided just a few candles would do the trick. Ben had spared no expense and the room was the best in the house including a sauna, hot tub, small kitchen and a beautiful balcony. He liked to have all the comforts of home when traveling, but this exceeded our humble accommodations. The beautiful lacy white curtains blew in the breeze from the window that overlooked the bay; it was really quite lovely.

After hanging my coat and bag in the closet, which was almost the size of our bathroom at home, I made myself cozy. Now wearing nothing but my crotchless black panties and spiked black heels, I prepared for Ben's arrival. The crotchless panties would be a sure sign to Ben as to what I wanted and what he was about to get. An evening of nothing but "divine oral pleasures." Hours upon hours of blissful licking and sucking. Bringing each other to the brink of ecstasy over and over before taking it to the heights of completion. Mmm, I could hardly wait.

My body quivered as I thought of how wonderful his lips would feel running across my pussy lips and sliding his tongue between them as he made his way to my throbbing clit and how hard he would be when I slide my lips down the length of his cock and up around his swollen head! Endless hours of oral sex was our favorite past time. We just could never get enough.

Before Ben left for his trip I called him from the local gas station and told him my car was broke down, so he could come down and help me. When he arrived concerned and ready to help, I promptly led him to the gas station bathroom and locked the door behind us.

"I want to suck your cock, baby," I said and pressed him against the door forcefully.

Ben's eyes lit up with excitement and he eagerly dropped his pants to his knees. I knelt in front of him and bathed his head with my saliva as I stroked his shaft just the way he likes it. Cocking my head to the side I caught Ben's eyes with mine as I slid my mouth down over the length of his cock and back up to the tip of his head.

Ben's eyes went hazy and he growled with exquisite pleasure. There was nothing he loved more than looking in my eyes as I sucked him off and the feeling of power it gave me was a great aphrodisiac as well. Seeing the delight in his eyes and the intense arousal I could elicit in him was a high within itself.

His shaft glistened from the wetness of my lips. Taking his cock firmly in my hand, I stroked him skillfully while covering his head with my lips and sucking intently. Ben held my head with his hands, pulling my hair slightly and pumped with me.

"Oh Linda, you're so fucking good," he moaned as I sucked each and every drop of his cum until he grew limp on my tongue.

"My turn now," Ben said as he pulled me up, kissed my wet lips and bent me over the sink. Hiking my skirt up to my waist, he ran his hands across my bare thighs and buttocks, then planted soft kisses across my cheeks and over my inner thighs.

"Ahhh," he groaned, sounding like an excited kid in a new toy store as he slid his face between my legs from behind. His tongue spread my wetness from my pussy to my ass. Reaching in front of me, he rubbed my clit as he probed deeper inside of me with his tongue and spread my legs open wider with his other hand.

"Give it to me, baby," he called out, as he worked his magic with his tongue and hand.

I wanted to scream, but muffled my cries by biting my fingers and whimpering. It was almost as satiating as a good hard fuck. I pressed my hips backwards into his face and held onto the sink. Unable to hold back my cries of passion any longer, I screamed, "Oh yes!" My body quivered intensely as my pussy contracted tightly around his tongue and Ben moaned with delight as he lapped up my sweet juices.

"You're so naughty," Ben told me as he pulled my skirt back down over my hips and grinned from ear to ear.

We quickly composed ourselves and head back to our cars, leaving the bathroom air heavy with the sweet aroma of our desires.

I put the finishing touches on the room as I thought back to that hot night, by lighting the candles, then turned off the lights and lay across the bed. I couldn't wait to see the look on Ben's face when he opened the door. He had called me the night before and I never let on that I would be there the next night. I teased him with stories of what I would do to him when he got home and we said goodnight.

After an hour wait, I started to get a little nervous. I hoped Ben hadn't run off to dinner with one of his associates without stopping in his room. The seminar should have ended at 4:00 and it was now 4:30. I decided to check it out and threw my raincoat over my half naked body and slithered down the halls. When I approached the conference room, the halls were filled with the sound of applause and as I peeked in the window on the door I could see Ben was just leaving the podium. Oh, how distinguished he looked. Ben was an outstanding speaker with unprecedented expertise and thus in high demand. Organizations, hospitals, and universities were continually fighting for a slot in his speaking engagement calendar. Desire raced through my body. Seeing him in his distinguished, lecturing suit and watching him captivate a crowd always set my fire ablaze. That is how we met.

I was a nurse at Mercy Hospital when he appeared as a speaker at our annual fund raising dinner. It was love at first sight. I was in awe of his professional demeanor and charismatic personality. It just so happened that Ben was seated at my table for dinner, he too was immediately captivated by me and we danced the night away. At the end of the evening we took a late night walk and talked as if we had known each other forever. When we went home we had a date for the next night.

We had three dates in one week and I had never wanted anyone so intensely in my life. Each night he would leave me after a hot steamy kiss and lots of groping with my body on fire and I could think of nothing but his touch and lips. I broke my three-date rule. "No sex until after the third date," had been my motto for years, but on the third date I couldn't hold out anymore. We were supposed to go dancing, but when he showed up at the door in his tight jeans, silk shirt and sparkling eyes, I was overcome with desire and we never made it out the door. That night and many days and nights thereafter our sex was literally earth shaking. I will never forget how my body quivered when he undressed me for the first time and slid his tongue between my legs and how it took my breath away when he revealed his hard, beautiful cock to me and I slid my lips down over it. I don't think we slept at all that night and the next day when he left we were actually raw.

We couldn't get enough of each other. He would leave and come back that night for a repeat performance. We had sex in every place, every position and technique ever known to human kind. We did things I didn't know were humanly possible. Sometimes we spent the entire day in bed.

I transferred to Lakeside Hospital, where Ben worked, about a month later, so we could work side-by-side as often as possible and we were married before years end. I loved being his wife and most of the time I went on his trips with him. His active speaking schedule presented us with some of the greatest free vacations and we turned it into an erotic adventure every time.

Last spring we went to Hawaii. Oh what a week that was. The exotic island air had turned Ben into a complete sex starved animal. He was a distinguished, respected speaker by day and a pussy licking fool by night. I got really naughty one day and attended his seminar wearing a short black skirt, no panties and seated myself in direct line of Ben's view. Every time he looked my way I casually moved my legs as to give him a clear shot of my hot pussy. He never missed a beat in his speech and even sent a few winks my way to convey his enjoyment. After he finished, he literally chased me down the beach, pulled me off to an isolated spot and licked my pussy there in the sand and sun. I can still remember how the warm sand felt on my ass as he gave me such exquisite pleasure.

My body trembled as I reminisced those lovely memories. I rushed back to the room so Ben wouldn't see me as he left the conference, and I got cozy on the bed again. A few minutes later the sound of the key in the door made my heart pound with excitement. Ben's face was overcome with delight when I crawled across the bed like a hungry tiger to greet him.

"Oh you are so fantastic," he responded with a hot wet kiss.

I lay across the bed with my legs stretched upwards to the ceiling, rubbing my inner thighs and positioned so the crotchless panties were in full view of Ben's eyes as he slowly undressed. Ben licked his lips and his eyes were glued to me as he unbuttoned his shirt, removed his jacket and pants, and laid them neatly across the chair. He took his time as he was savoring the view and he loved to tease me by building up anticipation. My legs still in the air, I spread them for a fuller view and ran my hands down around my butt, tracing the contours of my pussy as I admired Ben's taut physique, glimmering in the candlelight, while he removed his boxers and socks.

He removed one of my shoes and planted soft passionate kisses across my toes, then down my ankle, calf and thigh and then removing the other shoe he repeated the process down the other foot and leg. Stopping just next to my pussy, he nuzzled his nose in my curly blonde mound before exploring my lips with his tongue and meandering his way up to my throbbing clit. Pulling my hips to the edge of the bed, his tongue made its way back down through my lips and back to my anus. He gently nibbled and kissed my butt cheeks and thighs and then back around my anus. He probed virulently with his tongue while sliding his fingers inside me and his thumb across my clit, fucking me masterfully with his fingers while licking my anus ferociously.

"Oh God, yes," I called out. There was nothing I loved more than having my ass licked while being fucked with his hand. Ben loved to make me scream and he took great delight in watching me orgasm repeatedly. I think he enjoyed my orgasms as much as his own. As soon as my body stopped contracting he would magically work his tongue and fingers again, never letting my arousal fade. I was screaming good today as I thrust my hips against his tongue, bringing myself up on my hands and knees to allow deeper penetration. He buried his face in my ass and thrust his fingers deeper in my pussy. His tongue was hot as he licked, probed and fucked me with such unbridled desire. Hearing his delight in satisfying me made me even hotter and he brought me to euphoria over and over again.

After satisfying me completely, Ben crawled on the bed with me, straddled my face and brought his beautiful hard on to my lips. Grabbing his ass I pulled him closer to me and squeezed his cheeks as I slowly licked around the head of his cock and along the underside. He twitched with pleasure and pre cum tingled on my tongue. Ben's cock was superb and I loved pleasuring him with my mouth as much as he did me.

"Oh you taste so good," I moaned while sucking and licking up and down the sides of his shaft. Gently I took each ball in my mouth and caressed them with my tongue, then I kissed them with soft wet kisses before sliding back up to his head. Circling the circumference of his head and flickering his little slit, I then covered his head with my mouth and slid down over the length of his shaft and back out to the head. Over and over I went up and down with my mouth as Ben began to pump slowly into my face, taking him in as far as I could go and looking intently in his eyes.

Straddling my face further and balancing himself with his hands on the bed he began thrusting faster as he fucked my mouth. My hot, wet lips welcomed him openly, working his cock like a hot, wet pussy. Sucking, licking, pulling and tugging with my lips like a hungry animal. One last thrust deep in my mouth and I could feel his cock head pressing against my throat and grow moist with his cum. His buttocks tightened against my hands as I squeezed tighter and the room filled with his repetitive groans of pleasure until he collapsed on the bed next to me. I bent over him and licked his balls softly as his breathing normalized.

Ben pulled me up to him, kissed me lovingly and held me next to him. "Oh baby that was so fucking good," he whispered in my ear as he snuggled in my long blonde hair.

After a short cat nap we showered and went to the lounge for an evening of dining and dancing. You'd have thought we were a couple of love struck newlyweds instead of a middle aged married couple of 15 years. We flirted and teased one another playfully through our meal and across the dance floor for hours. We both loved to dance and could monopolize the entire dance floor, mesmerizing the crowd with our sexy, enticing moves. I'm sure that this evening we were as enticing and arousing to the crowd as we were to each other. Our bodies had grown hot with desire again by the end of the night and during the last dance I guided us off to a dark corner where I could rub and grind my hot pussy on Ben's throbbing cock. I thought he might take me right there across a table. As soon as the music stopped, Ben whisked me off to the bedroom, tore my clothes off like a wild man and ravaged my body once again.

The next morning I awoke to Ben's soft lips and hot breath between my legs. We spent the entire weekend indulging in divine oral satisfaction in the hot tub, the sauna, by the deserted pool in the evening, on the balcony, and even in the elevator on our way back to the room the next evening after dinner. When it was time to go home on Sunday, there couldn't have been two people who were more satisfied in this whole world. We both slept through the entire flight home.

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