Missionary Sex Position

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

The missionary sex position is the oldest and most commonly practiced love making position and sometimes gets a bad wrap because it's thought to be rather mundane and unadventurous. But, as we will see, that is not really the truth at all. It used to be the only position that missionaries approved of and thus its name derived.

In my opinion the very best of the best love making positions is the missionary position because of the amount of intimacy it provides. There are so many ways to adjust this position and it offers many benefits for both the male and female.

Missionary Sex Position

Couples engage in many different kinds of sex. We're not always making love even when having sex with the partner that we love. Sometimes we want hot, animalistic sex, sometimes kinky sex, sometimes raw and carnal, sometimes a quickie, and sometimes rough sex, depending on how you feel in each particular lovemaking session.

But when we truly want intimate, deep, passionate, tender lovemaking there is no better position than the missionary sex position.

The most exceptional aspect of the missionary position is the inherent level of intimacy that occurs naturally due to the full body contact. The integral closeness of this position encourages tenderness direct eye contact, kisses, holding, and caressing as well as easy vaginal entry and deep penetration.

The disadvantages of the traditional missionary sex position are that it inhibits the woman's mobility and doesn't allow sufficient access to the clitoris or g spot. Hence, even though we may find the intimacy of the standard missionary sex position to be very pleasurable for a certain amount of time, it will be even more satisfying for both man and woman if we make a few adjustments.

One of the best ways to assist you in making adjustments to the missionary position is with the use of a wedge pillow. It works great with any of the adjusments found below or on its own.

Ride Her High

In this adjustment the man enters his woman in the traditional missionary position, but then lifts himself up and moves himself forward towards his woman's head so that his pubic bone or base of his penis stimulates her clitoris. Once in place, he rocks back and forth instead of thrusting in and out. This movement stimulates her clitoris and g spot.

A variation on the riding high position is the CAT position. The CAT is abbreviated for coital alignment technique and was designed by psychotherapist Edward Eichel. This position helps women to be able to orgasm through intercourse and helps couples to reach orgasm simultaneously.

The Lift

Just as it sounds, the woman places a pillow under her bottom and lifts herself up, then the male enters the vagina in the standard missionary sex position.

This brings the clitoris up higher for easier access and g spot stimulation can be achieved.

Knees Against Her Chest

The woman pulls her knees up towards her chest and then the male enters her in standard missionary position. Alternatively, she can put her feet or legs up on his shoulders.

This is a great position for the male because he can achieve very deep penetration and for the woman because she can achieve stimulation of the g spot and take care of her own clitoris herself with her fingers if she so desires.

For another adventure, the male can slide upwards as indicated in the ride her high position.

His Legs Outside Hers

In this position the couple assumes the traditional missionary sex position and then the man places his legs outside the females and slides forward a bit. The woman keeps her legs straight and tightens them.

This tightening will squeeze the vagina around the penis, which is usually very pleasurable for the male.

It also offers stimulation of the clitoris and the g spot for the woman.

I highly advocate this position It is one of my favorites because the combination of intimacy along with the g spot and clitoral stimulation has the ability to give the woman a phenomenal orgasm.

Over The Shoulders

Push the females legs backwards towards her shoulders before or after entering the vagina. This allows for very deep penetration and is great for that hard, pounding, animalistic kind of sex! You can also achieve the same effect by placing her legs over your shoulders. Warning: This position requires a good amount of flexibility.

Knee Bend or Waist Wrap

The woman bends her knees and places her feet flat on the mattress, or wraps her legs up around his waist. This makes it easier for her move her hips and rock with her partner. She can stimulate her own clitoris by slipping her hand between them.

With a little tweaking, the standard missionary sex position can offer a diverse range of enjoyable sensations and heighten the level of pleasure for both partners.

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