New Years Resolutions for Great Sex

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Is having better sex on your list of New Years resolutions this year? Probably not, but it really should be. Couples who share a good sex life have better health, are happier and more content, appreciate and enjoy one another more deeply, share more intimacy and have a stronger relationship all around.

Every year at this time millions of people resolve to improve every aspect of their life. From losing weight to saving money, but rarely do we hear anyone say "I'm going to nurture my sexual relationship." Which is a real shame, because if couple's put as much time and effort into improving their sexual relationship as they do other aspects of their life they could enjoy not only a great sex life, but a happier, more fulfilling relationship in general.

New Years Resolutions for Great Sex

Yes, yes I know you want great sex, everyone does, but wanting something and making it happen are two very different things. Lot's of people want to eat less, lose weight and save money, but just like with all New Years resolutions having a great sex life requires setting goals, making plans, determination, hard work, patience, and most of all commitment.

Intimate relationships require special care, attention, feeding and nurturing on an ongoing basis and should be at the top of our priority list. Sexual desire and pleasure will dwindle without nourishment. For a vast assortment of exciting ideas to provide this intimate nurturing you need, you may want to start your new year off by taking a look at the How to Have Great Sex E-Package.

Add some of these activities to your list of New Year Resolutions and you'll be making an investment in your relationship that will allow you to reap the benefits all year long.

**Communicate My Sexual Needs More Often**

Yes, I know I said this one already, but this one deserves repeating.

Communication is the one area where couples have the most trouble. If couples would incorporate just this one tip into their New Years resolutions then many problems in sexual relationships could be resolved, both men and women would have more satisfying sex and their relationship would be stronger, deeper and happier.

Start out your new year on the right foot, by making a resolution and a commitment to make your sex life a priority.

To help you out with this, I want point out that you can find hundreds of tips, techniques and ideas to help you stick to this New Years Resolution in my How to Have Great Sex E-Package.

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