Oral Sex Tips to Dazzle Your Lover

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Would you like to be a master at giving oral sex?

Do you want to make your partner swoon with pleasure from your oral sex skills?

Use these oral sex tips and techniques to dazzle your partner!

Learn How to Give the Best Oral Sex

Being a skilled oral lover is a very important component of a couple's sexual relationship for both the male and the female. There are few things more pleasurable for either man or woman than to be savored, devoured and satisfied orally by their lover. Oral sex is one of the most intimate gifts we can give one another.

Since women are more likely to orgasm during oral sex rather than intercourse, it is often the women's preferred type of sex. Being able to pleasure your woman orally is essential to her satisfaction. Knowing how to give your woman exquisite oral pleasure, will leave her aching and craving you. Giving oral to his woman is also one of the biggest sources of arousal for a man. Her aroma, flavor and vulnerability turn him into a hungry lion.

Use These Oral Sex Tips to Blow Your Man's Mind

It is no secret that men enjoy fellatio immensely, but sometimes women underestimate the importance of this. Okay, some of you women may get angry with me for this next statement, but it is a reality that women must face. If you do not give your man oral sex, the chances are very great that he will get it elsewhere. It is one of his most basic sexual needs. There is probably nothing that would make your man happier than oral sex on a regular basis. If you provide this for him, you will be irresistible to him.

Why is fellatio so important to a man? The penis is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of the man's body. A male's identity is strongly associated with his penis. His semen is like a rare nectar that he wants to give to you as a gift. It makes your man feel loved, accepted and received when you give him oral sex. When you refuse it, he feels rejected. One of the best ways to show your man how much you love him and keep his eyes from wandering is to give him fellatio.

If you have an aversion to fellatio, it would be wise to seek someone to discuss this with, unless your partner feels the same way and it is not an issue in the relationship. There may be many reasons why you don't like to give oral sex that can be overcome. You may feel it is disgusting or dirty, or you may feel used or disrespected. You may view it unconsciously as something that bad girls do. These are some of the inaccurate messages that women receive growing up and sometimes they become internalized. By talking these things out with a professional, perhaps you can undo the conditioning and learn to enjoy oral sex.

Oral Sex Tips

It may also be helpful to try and think about how much you love your man, how sweet and precious he is to you, as you give him fellatio. Try to see the penis as an extension of who he is. Show him how much you love and adore him, how very special he is, by focusing on pleasuring his penis. If it is the flavor that is distasteful to you, you can try drinking a tasty warm tea prior to sex, or brushing your teeth immediately before for the nice minty aftertaste it leaves in your mouth. Another option is to coat the penis with something flavorful or to suck on a breath mint while performing. If it is the semen that is disliked, you can try keeping a glass of your favorite tasty beverage nearby to drink afterwards, or keep the breath mint in your mouth during and after ejaculation.

Men, you can help your woman become more willing by making sure you are fresh and clean. You also need to show your lover respect and appreciation for her act. Assure her that you love and respect her before and after fellatio. This should be the case in every relationship, but for the reluctant women a little extra effort will be required. If you have an aversion to cunnilingus, all the above can be applied to you as well, to help you find it more enjoyable.

Simply performing the motions of oral sex is not enough, one must be effective and know their woman's or man's secret buttons. One must also enjoy it. It is an incredible turn on for both men and women to see the delight in their lover's face and actions as they pleasure them or to hear their moans of enjoyment. Pay attention to your lover's body language and read their signals. Adjust your pressure, speed, direction and rhythm according to their desires and preferences.

A favorite approach for the man is to lie between the man's legs while he is on his back propped up on a pillow so he can watch, or kneel on the floor between his legs while he stands above you. To really drive your man wild, look him in the eyes occasionally as you're going up and down his shaft. Delight in your lover's penis. Worship it. Show how much you enjoy it with moans of pleasure and desire. Use your hands, tongue and lips. Alternate between stroking with your hand and stroking with your mouth. While stroking with your hand, suck, kiss or lick his head. Run your tongue up and down the length of his shaft, then caress and roll the testicles around tenderly with your tongue. The most sensitive areas of the penis are on the underside and along the coronal ridge, which is along the edges of the head.

Caress his shaft and head with your mouth, then engulf his head with your mouth and slide down to the base. Take it all in, baby! Every now and then tell him how beautiful his penis is and how much you love it. It may be very enjoyable to your man if you allow him to hold onto your head while you deep throat him or perhaps pull your hair a little bit. Not mean and vicious pulling, but down and dirty pulling. It can also be very arousing for the woman to have her hair pulled. It brings out the animal in both sexes.

Once down to the base, pull out to the tip nice and slow with deep suction, then go back down again. Increase your pace with each dive. It can provide exquisite pleasure for your man to rub his anus or insert your finger in his anus while you are licking and sucking him.

If you need more help in this area, I encourage you to take a look at this great little guide called Blow by Blow! and learn how to give your man the best blow job he ever had.

Very Important Oral Sex Tip When Pleasuring Your Man

When pleasuring your man it is very important to know that you should swallow at least part of the time! It can be insulting and is usually a turn off for your man if you act repulsed by his semen. It is a loving gift to delight in your partner's ejaculation by swallowing, or at other times, a fun alternative can be to watch the ejaculation shooting in various places such as on your breasts, face, buttocks, abdomen or wherever you prefer and then rubbing and caressing the semen on one another. Once he has come, it can be very pleasurable for some men to continue sucking and licking him tenderly while he is soft.

You will keep your man very satisfied and happy if you provide him with spontaneous unexpected oral sex. Give him a surprise wake up call in the morning by slipping between his legs, or wake him up from a nap with a little oral delight, or while he's watching football or driving the car. Nothing will make your man happier than you being his little cockhound. Keeping your man satisfied and surprised with oral pleasure will keep him faithful, devoted and enchanted by you.

Make Your Woman Crave Sex with These Hot Oral Sex Tips

The most effective way to pleasure your woman is to have her lie down on her back and approach her from the front. Lie between her legs. The parting of the thighs is very erotic and should be done sensuously with some kisses. Don't be in a hurry to get to the clitoris. It's more exciting for the woman if you take your time. Kiss, nibble and lick your way down her thighs. The inner thigh and the area where the leg meets the pelvic area are usually a very sensitive erogenous spot. Tease her a little by taking your time. Delight in her and remember to let her know how much you enjoy her. I know for myself that seeing my lover enjoying himself is as arousing as the sex itself. Make her feel cherished. Nuzzle in her bush or if you prefer shaved, nuzzle or kiss the bare mound. Now run your tongue between her pussy lips and slowly make your way to the clitoris.

Oral Sex Tips

It is important to learn what your lover likes because the clitoris is very sensitive and the wrong type of stimulation will not be pleasurable. Some women need the hood pulled back with the clitoris fully exposed and other women need the hood left in place. Or, she may need you to go back and forth between the two. The hot zone on the clitoris can be in different areas for different women. It may be on the left or may be on the right or somewhere in between. She will know, so let her show you. If she does not know, then explore it together and find her wonderful little pleasure zone. This is the spot you need to rub, lick and stimulate for her to bring about clitoral orgasm.

Once you know what she prefers, slide your tongue back and forth or up and down. Start out slowly and then increase pressure and speed. Get her very excited and then slide your tongue down between her vagina lips again and explore the depths of her cavern with your tongue while rubbing her clitoris with your finger. But don't stay away too long, bring that tongue back up to the clitoris and resume licking. Then slide your finger inside her vagina and locate her G-spot, press and rub it simultaneously as you continue to lick her clitoris. This will drive your woman wild and create earth-shaking orgasms for her. You can increase her pleasure even more by slipping a finger inside her anus as she approaches orgasm.

Make love to your woman's vagina, but also make love to her body and mind first. Once you have brought her to orgasm it is very easy to bring her there again by repeating the process, you will be adored by your woman if you do. She will be mesmerized by your oral lovemaking skill.

If you want to learn how to be an incredible oral lover and give your woman the best orgasm she's ever had, I encourage you take a look at Lick by Lick.

When pleasuring your woman or man, focus your complete concentration on them. Make them feel special. Make them feel like there is no one else in the world you enjoy more. It's also a good idea to shower or wash genitals before oral sex for both males and females, as this will ensure a clean and fresh aroma and flavor. Although, this may not always be possible when providing unexpected delights. As always communication is essential to making oral sex its best. Let your lover know what you prefer, guide them lovingly to touch you as you need touched.

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