Does Penis Size Matter?

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Does penis size matter? Ah, that seems to be the burning question on every mans mind at one time or another. You would think that with all the advertising we see for penis enlargement that it is the most important thing in the world. But that is not the case. Most of these companies are simply trying to make money by preying on one of men's biggest vulnerabilities and fears -- the size of their penis.

In addition to that, they are promoting an unhealthy, inaccurate perception in our society that having a really big penis is one of the most important factors to sex, relationships and women. This simply is not true. Penis size is not really that important.

Having said that, I know that every time I say this to a man he ignores me or thinks it's a bunch of bull. Men are so concerned about penis size that they just don't want to hear anything contradictory. So if you're one of those men and you insist on using some sort of penis enhancement, I recommend that you at least use one of the best products on the market called Dr. Joel Kaplan's Penis Pump.

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Does Penis Size Matter

However, if you'd like to learn what's more important than penis size, then please read on. So, back to the question at hand, Does penis size matter? All this focus on penis size enlargement is making men feel inadequate and uncomfortable. It is falsely promoting a view that a big penis is what makes a man desirable. It is also setting up an ideal and expectations for men that are really impossible to live up to. The average size of an erect penis is 5-7 inches, with most men falling closer to the 5. Some people are bigger than this, and some people are smaller than this. Whatever you have been born with, that is the way that nature intended it, and therefore, it is adequate and satisfactory.

These advertisements are also giving men the inaccurate perception that they must increase their penis size because that is what women want. This is absurd. What is most important to a woman is what kind of lover you are, what kind of person you are, how you feel about her and how you treat her. Being unselfish and meeting her needs sexually and emotionally will make you a great lover in her eyes.

If you have a penis that is 10 inches long and you are selfish or don't know how to meet your woman's needs, then your size is completely irrelevant. You do not need a big penis to be an incredible lover and satisfy your woman. Yes, for some women more girth and length do feel incredibly good, but there are many ways she can achieve this with her lover.

If she does enjoy the feel of more girth and length than you have been endowed with or if you both want to play and experiment, then you can always add something such as a dildo, vibrator or even something like a zucchini out of the fridge to give her the added sensation. The zucchini is firm, but flexible, and is a fantastic penis surrogate.

Doing these things together will enhance the experience for both of you. Using one of these options on her vaginally while stimulating her clitoris orally will give her exquisite pleasure. Adding a variety of positions and being adventurous such as doing it in a new location will also be very pleasurable.

You can also purchase a penis ring from most any adult toy store to add to your sexual adventure. The penis ring placed along the base of the penis restricts the flow of blood out of the penis and can increase size and hardness. It can also prolong the erection. Many men find that they experience a more intense pleasurable orgasm with the use of a penis ring.

But most important to remember is that intercourse is only one way of satisfying a woman. The majority of women cannot orgasm with intercourse alone, regardless of how big the penis is, because it does not provide sufficient stimulation to the clitoris. Pleasuring your woman with your hands and your mouth can be just as satisfying, if not more so, than intercourse. Being attentive to your woman's body and mind will enhance her experience. Making your woman feel loved, special, cherished, appreciated and desired will make sex great for her.

So in summary to the original question, Does penis size matter? No, it clearly does not.

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