Make Your Lover Ache for You with a Simple Phone Call

Phone Sex for Lovers Sex Guide

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Phone Sex for Lovers

Phone sex with your lover is a unique lovemaking tip that will help increase passion, improve intimacy, build arousal, and create the excitement that leads to great sex.

Imagine calling your lover on the phone one afternoon, hours before you will see each other again. You tease and entice one another until you can hardly take it anymore.

Perhaps in your case, you'll talk about a new restaurant that opened in town that you've been wanting to try. You lead the conversation to a fantasy dinner and to the sexy attire that would be worn.

Then you start to tease each other as the fantasy starts to reveal itself. Does your lover ask you to make love to them right there on the table? Or do you talk about how you're masturbating as you talk?

Whatever turns you and your lover on is where the conversation will lead as you both lose yourself to the conversation. You'll find yourself squirming in your seat, wanting to make love to your sexy lover right there and then. They'll beg for you to.

"I had tried phone sex with my husband before, but wasn't sure what to say or how to say it. Now I'm having a great time teasing him and when he comes home there's no stopping him." ~Marcie B.

"Great tips for a beginner like me. The boyfriend is ecstatic when I tuck him in at night over the phone with a virtual blow job." ~Sandra T.

""I bought this guide for my wife. One of the best purchases ever! ~Jon B.

This guide will teach you the basics of great phone sex and how to get your unsuspecting lover aroused by your conversation. Included are two pre-written phone sex dialogues to help the shy get started.

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