Sex Tips for Women

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Yep as the saying goes "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus." Where as men are very visual beings, women are very tactile and emotional. Men like meat and potatoes, women like the all the fixings on the side. If you want to give your woman great sex then being aware of her special needs is the essential first step. Follow these sex tips for women and you can't go wrong. If you're looking for tips to pleasure your man visit the sex tips for men page.

Sex Tips for Women - Foreplay

Women love to be touched and emotion is important for great sex. What is going on outside of the bedroom is just as important for a woman as what goes on inside the bedroom.

She is more attracted to a man who listens to her. If a woman feels listened to she will feel important and valued and her desire will be greater. One of the most important issues for a woman is to be heard. Being heard and feeling valued will increase her feelings of intimacy with her lover and enable her to be free and uninhibited in her lovemaking.

One the of the most important sex tips for women that men need to be aware of is that for the woman the path to orgasm is just as fulfilling as the orgasm itself and the path is also important for enhancing her orgasm experience.

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A woman wants to be understood and feel important. Remember what she tells you about her life. Be interested in her life, not just her sexuality. Take an active interest in her what's going on in her life. She will want you more.

Women are excited visually as well, but they are excited by seeing passion, desire, love, sensuality and the look of desire on their lovers face or look of affection in their eyes.

Sex Tips for Women

Soft and gentle touching of as many parts of the body as possible elicits great passion for a woman. Take your time and savor her. Take the long meandering road to orgasm. Cherish and adore her body along the way.

Kisses are an important component for expanding your sex tips for women knowledge base.. Deep passionate kisses are one of the biggest turn ons. Looking into her eyes or touching her face while kissing her can increase arousal of the kiss. Kissing parts of the body such as the neck, belly, inner thighs, buttocks, pelvis area surrounding the vagina, fingers and maybe even feet for some people can heighten passion. Before licking or kissing between her legs it will be more satisfying to her if you kiss and nibble the other parts of her body surrounding her vagina. Don't just dive right in. Tease and entice her with your tongue.

Prior to love making time, hug your woman on a frequent basis, put your arm around her, hold her hand, tell her you love her. Women to like to hear "I love you" or something close to that. If it has not reached that point yet, then express your care for her, tell her how important she is to your life. Holding hands in an embracing , locking way during foreplay and lovemaking can be very arousing as well. It should be pretty clear by this point that many of the sex tips for women really have nothing to do with sex at all. It's about relationship and connection for the woman.

Sex Tips for Women - In the Bedroom

When you get her into the bedroom, the sex tips for women that are most effective are quite different than a mans. Tell her how good she tastes or smells and feels. How you love her pussy and how you love to make love with her. Use language that is comfortable for her. If tits, cunt or fuck is offensive to her then she will be turned off. If it's a turn on for you then you should discuss this outside the bedroom prior to sex and find mutual words that are arousing or you could agree on taking turns on saying what the other one wants to hear. Find out what she prefers to call her anatomy and the sexual experience. There are different styles of language for different people. Some people may want to hear this: "I want to make love to you," and another person may want to hear this: "I want to Fuck you" and another may want to hear: "I want you so bad". It is important to know which of these levels is exciting to your lover. Caress her with words.

Tell your woman you want to know what pleases her. You may have to coax her a bit to get her to tell you, but she will feel important and valued that you are interested. Pay attention to how she responds to each of your touches, kisses and movements and learn what she likes. Ask her to show you what satisfies her. Pay attention to cues such as facial expressions or moans of passion. Remember what she tells you and what you observe and give it to her regularly. It will be irritating if she has to tell you repeatedly. Both male and female lovers should learn what pleases the other and eventually know it like the back of their hand.

Enjoy your woman, be present in the here and now, be into what your doing at the moment, completely focused in the here and now, desiring her, passionately pursuing her. Seeing your passion and desire for her will turn her on and unleash her desire. Let her know how much you desire her with words or passionate actions. Let her know how much you want her.

Tease her a little bit by building up anticipation. Make love to her whole body, not just her vagina or breasts! Another one of the most important sex tips for women that I can share with you is this: "There is nothing that is a bigger turn off for a woman than a lover who immediately begins penetration without tending to her body."

Let out your sounds of pleasure. Moan, describe what you are feeling or tasting. This is very exciting for both partners. Men and women love to hear how you enjoy them. This can be especially arousing while giving them oral.

Become a master at oral pleasure. Most women are not able to orgasm by penetration alone. It is important for both partners to understand this so that neither one of you is feeling inadequate if it is not occurring. Penetration usually doesn't provide the necessary stimulation of the clitoris and G spot needed to orgasm. There are particular positions you can do to help this but by far one of the best ways for a woman to orgasm is orally.

Whereas the man wants to have his penis worshipped, the woman should be treated like Goddess. The whole woman, not just her sexual parts, and not only during lovemaking time, but in all aspects of the relationship. Make her special, cherished and valued and she will reward you quite nicely. Make her feel adored and wanted. Keep your woman feeling wanted, respected, desired, important and valued at all times and you will have a woman full of desire for you and you will heighten her sexual satisfaction greatly. She will also have a lot of willingness to satisfy your needs, because she is so attended to and satisfied. Keep in mind that some of the best sex tips for women really have nothing to do with technique or your penis.

Sex Tips for Women - After the Sex

After the love making it is important to stay with your partner both physically and emotionally for at least a period of time. You should not be jumping out of bed immediately after orgasm. Some holding and cuddling afterwards are necessary. This can be done in intimate silence or it is also good for you to tell her how wonderful it was or how good it felt or what was particularly enjoyable for you about her. Of course the woman should also express her experience to the male as well. This is also a good time for deep emotional sharing which will bring you closer together. If you don't get this aspect nailed down, then all other sex tips for women you have put into action will lose their power.

You can also continue enjoyable sensations by continuing to kiss and touch softly her neck, shoulders, thighs, face lips etc. Soft, gentle touching of the breasts or between and around the legs, but not with the intention of stimulation. Just enjoy the sensations and bask in the pleasure of the experience you have just shared.

Afterplay reinforces how a woman feels about the experience. If the sex is great, but there is no afterplay it will reinforce a negative experience for her and this will impact whether she will do it again or how receptive she will be to you the next time. How she perceives the experience will affect her desire for you. If reinforcement is positive she will see you as a good lover and her desire for your will be greater. Afterplay is just as important for the woman as is foreplay. It completes the act of lovemaking.

If your woman uses email on a regular basis, you may find that sending her erotic emails is another great way to keep passion and desire alive.

We are all very unique in regard to what feels good and satisfies us. Not all sex tips for women will work on every woman in the same way. If your partner tells you something that contradicts what I have said here, then always listen to them and follow their desires. Communication is the most important factor for sexual satisfaction and intimacy in a relationship.

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