Sex Tips for Men

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

The man is a very different animal than the woman and if you want to give your man great sex it's essential to understand these differences. Use any of these sex tips for men and you'll have your man mesmerized by your sexual allure. If you're looking for tips to pleasure your woman, visit the sex tips for women page.

Men are very visual beings. Their initial excitement often comes from what they see. So provide your lover with lots of visual stimulation. When wanting to elicit desire, wear sexy outfits or walk around naked in front of him. Take naked or provocative pictures of yourself and put them in his lunch or leave them on the mirror or some other strategically good spot. Go without a bra and panties and tell him you don't have any on. Call him at work and tell him you aren't wearing any, thus giving him a great image in his head to entertain throughout the day. Dress up in a very hot outfit and present your lover with a dance in which you slowly strip for him, by the time you are done he will be more than ready for you.

In contrast to women's desires, the most important thing for a women to keep in mind when learning new sex tips for men is that the man likes getting to the action right away. He likes it if you jump immediately into the naughty talk and grab his crotch.

Sex tips for Men - The Power of Your Words

The mind is a sex organ. For men the mind can be one of the most important sex organs. Talk erotic to your lover. Talk dirty to him. Be descriptive. Tell him how hot and horny you are. Tell him how badly you want him. If you are not comfortable with certain words then try to find words that are satisfactory for both of you or try talking the way he wants you to part of the time and the way you prefer at other times. Keep in mind that a woman should never be forced to speak in a way that is disrespectful, derogatory or humiliating. Men like to hear how good it feels for you and they like to hear compliments about their penis and their performance. Give them lots of assurance by telling them how beautiful there penis is and how great it feels. Tell him a fantasy story in his ear as you are making love.

If you need a little help in this department, there's a great little guide Ultimate Guide to Dirty Talking you should take a look at.

Sex Tips for Men - The Oral Factor

Lots of fellatio. Men love fellatio, blow jobs, sucking or whatever they prefer to call it. Give it to them frequently. It is particularly pleasing to occasionally give fellatio in surprise situations and expect nothing in return. Remember that the head, the area around the head (corona) and the underside are the most sensitive to stimulation. Be sure to tell your lover how great he tastes while giving him fellatio. Also be sure to swallow at least some of the time and to delight in your lovers semen. It is insulting to your man if you act repulsed by his semen. It is also a turn off.

Add a penis ring (cock ring) to your play. A penis ring restricts the flow of blood out of the penis and can intensify and prolong the erection. A penis ring can also intensify sensations and increase size and hardness. Many men also experience a more intense and pleasurable orgasm. You may also use your fingers to apply pressure around the base of the penis to give the same sensations. The penis ring can also work similarly to Viagra in that it can help men with erectile difficulties achieve and maintain erections with no side effects.

Providing anal stimulation while giving fellatio can intensify his satisfaction and bring new heights to his orgasm experience. While giving fellatio reach between your lovers butt cheeks and rub his anus. This frequently will bring them close to orgasm and if you continue to rub the anus while they orgasm it can create very intense orgasms. Anal stimulation at other times can also be very enjoyable, such as when he is penetrating you or as foreplay. It can be very arousing to lick the anus when giving fellatio. Licking the anus while stroking the shaft can be another source of intense pleasure. Keep in mind that before any anal play the area should be washed thoroughly. If penetration of tongue, fingers, toys or penis occur in the anus they should be washed again before inserting in the vagina. Bacteria in the anal area will cause infection in the vagina.

Sex Tips for Men - Keep His Eyes from Wandering

Give your lover variety and spontaneity. This is an extremely important component when mastering sex tips for men, because it helps keep his eyes from wandering. As the saying goes variety is the spice of life. Be adventurous and spontaneous. Present your lover with new and exciting techniques, positions, games, and places on a regular basis. This really is a key factor in maintaining your lovers faithfulness. If your lover is never bored he will never have a reason to look elsewhere. (unless sexual addiction is present which is another issue and would need to be addressed) Sexual boredom is one of the main factors that causes unfaithfulness. This will also help you both to continue to enjoy each other and have fun. It will keep your intimacy alive with a sense of playfulness.

Sex Tips for Men

Worship your lover's penis. Okay I know this sounds like one of the silliest sex tips for men you've ever heard, but there is nothing that will make your man feel more special. Look, learn and examine his penis as if it were under a microscope. Get to know every little inch, nook and cranny. Cherish it, love it and treat it special at all times. Pay close attention to your lovers cues that he will give you by facial expressions and sounds when you are pleasuring him. Take note of what he enjoys and give that to him on a regular basis. Concentrate on the areas you learn are most pleasurable for him. If you're looking for a great sexy gift for your man you may want to take a look at "Smoldering Embers

Sometimes a man just wants a Fuck. This is another one of the most important sex tips for men you can acquire. There are times that men would just like to have the wild, uninhibited, dirty talking, down and dirty, nitty-gritty fucking without all the other tendings to that women enjoy. Give that to them once in awhile. But also remember that this should only take place some of the time. There should also be plenty of times when you are making love. There should be a balance of the two. If your lover wants to do nothing but fuck then there is a problem with intimacy here that needs worked out.

Many men's nipples are very sensitive and find that having them licked, sucked or touched softly can be very arousing. Try running your fingernails down his back as you suck his nipples. He will shiver with desire. Or stroke his shaft while softly kissing and nibbling on nipples.

Be the initiator sometimes. A man loves it when the woman lets him know how much she wants him and goes after what she wants. Tell him you must have him right now and be a little forceful. Tell him you want to be made love to (or if you prefer harder words (Fucked) or whatever words feel right for you and turn him on. Take him to an unexpected place, such as a back road in the car and take him right there on the spot or show up at his office unexpected and take him on his desk.(or anyplace where you won't get caught) Show him that you're not afraid to try new sex tips for men and you'll light your man's fire for sure.

Ask your lover what he likes, what he enjoys, what feels good, what would enhance things for him and what he needs. Find out what he thinks is sexy, desirable, erotic and a big turn on. Get to know your partner inside and out. Don't guess at what you think he wants or needs. Listen to what he tells you and remember it so you fulfill his desires.

Sex Tips for Men - Keeping it Unique

Write an erotic story for your lover. You can write about something you would like to do to them, or recount an especially hot special time you had together or write about one of his favorite fantasies. You can leave the story as present for him somewhere unexpected or read it to him in bed right before making love.

One of the most exciting activities for a man is to watch his woman satisfy herself. Let your lover watch you caress your own body. Touch your breasts, squeeze them, lick your own nipples, run your hand between your legs, and masturbate for him. Women who master sex tips for men such as this, keep their man mesmerized and devoted. Another great way to keep your man intrigued with you is to tease and play with phone sex.

Take your mans fingers and one by one take them into your mouth and lick, kiss and suck them tenderly. Look him in the eyes now and then as you run your mouth up and down the fingers simulating oral sex. Slide your fingers between your legs and coat them with your juices and then stick them in his mouth. He will hungrily lick them off and this will excite him immensely to taste and smell you and the sensations produced while he is licking and sucking on your fingers will be exciting for you as well.

We are all very unique in regard to what feels good and satisfies us. If your partner tells you something that contradicts my sex tips for men suggestions then listen to them and always follow their desires. Communication is the most important factor for pleasuring your partner.

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