Easy Prostate Massage Technique

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Using a prostate massage technique on your man can help him experience orgasms similar to the woman's g spot orgasms.The pleasure can be quite intense and dramatic. Some men report it is the most intense orgasm they've ever experienced.

Now some heterosexual men may be reluctant to admit they enjoy anal pleasure or afraid to experiment with it, because they associate anything anal with being gay. So you'll want to be sure how your lover feels about this activity before attempting to pleasure him in this way.

Give him some reassurance to help him get past these fears and he may discover a whole new sensual world to explore and enjoy. Prostate play has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Both gay and straight men alike enjoy the pleasure of prostate massage. Engaging in prostate stimulation or any anal play will not make you gay.

Prostate Massage Technique

If you need a little visual guide to give you a better understanding of prostate massage the How to Perform a Prostate Massage is a fantastic Video to help dispel myths and teach you a variety of techniques for anal pleasure and prostate massage.

Not all men experience pleasure from prostate stimulation, so again you will want to check this out with your lover first.

The prostate, also known as the male g spot, is part of the males reproductive system that produces fluid to be mixed with sperm that is then ejaculated as semen. It's a small gland similar in size and shape as a walnut and located close to the rectum wall and underneath the bladder. Its location and the route to stimulation is very similar to that of the woman's g spot.

Just the like the woman's g spot, the prostate responds best to firm pressure. It can't be touched directly, so the best prostate massage technique is achieved by applying pressure to it through the wall of the rectum. This pressure can be achieve using a finger, dildo or other anal toy.

The prostate can also be stimulated externally by applying pressure and massage to the area between the scrotum and the anus, also known as the perineum, or by contracting the PC muscles, but the following technique is more effective. However, for the man who can't get past his inhibitions or fears, this is a good alternative because it doesn't involve penetration.

Steps in the Prostate Massage Technique

Prostate massage can be done by yourself or with a partner.

  1. Relax and Get Comfortable

    Take a shower or a bath, listen to music or whatever method of relaxation works best for you. Clean the anal area thoroughly with soap and water before any anal play.

  2. Take Your Time.

    Take your time and engage in a little foreplay first.

    If you're giving your man a prostate massage, then a great way to get him relaxed and in the mood is to massage his body first. Kiss, rub and caress him from head to toe.

    If you enjoy anal play, rub your face against his buttocks. Kiss his buttocks. Lick his anus.

    Stimulate the anus with your fingers and tongue before insertion.

  3. Lube him up.

    Apply lube around the anus and your finger or whatever instrument you'll be using for insertion. Lubrication makes for easier and more comfortable access.

  4. Locate Prostate

    Lie down on your back and spread your legs. You may find it's easier access by lifting your buttocks up on a pillow.

    Insert a finger or fingers (as preferred) gently into the rectum about three inches ( or to your second knuckle) then crook your fingers towards your front (up towards the belly button) in a come hither motion and gently stroke.

    Use lots of lube and work the finger in and out to loosen the rectum up.

    You can feel the prostate through the rectal wall.

  5. Massage the Prostate

    Press against the prostate firmly and stroke gently. He may also enjoy a little thrusting in and out.

    Rub back and forth with as much pressure as you desire.

    Once you become comfortable with the finger, you can try out a sex toy such as a vibrator, dildo or a specific toy made for prostate massage such as the Aneros Prostate Massager, The Aneros Massager offers hands free pleasure is one of the most popular and exciting prostate toys on the market. If you purchase the Prostate Video recommended above, it includes instruction on how to use this amazing little toy.

Some men can orgasm with prostate stimulation alone, and others need additional stimulation in conjunction with the prostate massage technique.

Sexual pleasure can be dramatically enhanced by stroking the penis during the prostate massage. The two together can produce explosive orgasms equal to the woman's clitoral and g spot orgasm together.

Some men experience mind-blowing, earth shaking orgasms, while other men report a slight increase in intensity or enjoy enhanced pleasure in sensations and arousal. While others don't like it all and some don't care one way or another.

Just like any other sexual activity it's all a very individual experience dependent on many factors. There's no right or wrong response.

Some men find they enjoy the prostate massage technique more after they are hot and ready to go, while others enjoy it as a form of foreplay.

Don't get stressed out or too focused on trying to experience the amazing orgasms you hear about. Make it a fun adventure where you explore and enjoy all the sensations you experience.

If you'd like to learn more about Prostate Massage, I highly recommend this great Prostate Pleasure Guide. It teaches you everything you need to know and then some.

In addition to sexual pleasure, regular use of a prostate massage technique as described above is believed to promote a healthy prostate. Regular stimulation is thought to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, relieve symptoms of chronic prostatitis and reduce enlarged prostates. It's also believed to enhance the sex drive and for couples engaging in exploration together it's an opportunity for them to exercise good communication skills and connect on a unique level.

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