Keep Your Relationship Fresh with Quickies

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Quickies are a great way to keep excitement and spontaneity in your relationship. Some women tend to dislike quickies because it makes them feel neglected or not fully satisfied, and these are valid feelings if you have nothing but quickies in your relationship. But if you use the quicky sporadically and recognize all the many benefits it can offer, you can find a new appreciation for it.

The quicky should only be used intermittently. Be sure to keep balance in your relationship. Quickies should be mixed in with lots of long sensuous lovemaking sessions as well as some mind blowing, raw and carnal sex.

Most women take a while to reach orgasm so with a quicky she may not be able to achieve orgasm, but that doesn't mean it can't be pleasurable. Lovemaking doesn't always have to end with an orgasm. The sexual energy, sense of adventure, emotional closeness and other pleasurable physical sensations can be enjoyed just as well.


However, if you'd like to increase the chance you can orgasm with a quicky there are a few things you can do. If you're the one initiating a quicky you can arouse yourself by caressing your body, running your fingers briefly across your pelvis area or inner thighs or caressing your breasts. You can prepare by planning the quicky ahead of time and then masturbating without bringing yourself to climax. Get yourself right to the brink and then stop. Then approach your lover with a quicky.

If your lover has approached you unexpectedly with a quicky this approach won't work, and so for that session you may not be able to achieve orgasm, but allow yourself to experience and fully enjoy the excitement and other sensual sensations you may be having. Or perhaps the excitement of your lover wanting you so deeply and unexpectedly can help heighten your arousal and pleasure.

With the right position you can also stimulate your own clitoris as your having the quicky and bring yourself to orgasm.

Benefits the Quicky Offers Loving Couples

If you're looking for some other great ways to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, many couples find that the use of erotic emails will work magic. Send your lover an erotic email and invite them for a quicky.

Another way to enjoy a quicky is phone sex with your lover. If you and your lover haven't had time for lovemaking or you've been missing your partner today, give them a call and have a quicky on the phone.

Places to Have Your Quickies

Now that you're ready for a great quicky here's a few ideas of fun places to have them.

Now men remember, when your woman gives you the pleasure of a quicky be sure to make up for it next time with a long and sensual lovemaking session that satisfies all her desires.

Women you can wear a skirt or dress with no panties to make access easier for quickies.

Another benefit of quickies is they are a great to way to engage in a lot of different sex positions, which can also add more excitement to the encounter.

For example in the elevator can be against the wall, in the car can be the woman on top of your lap or laying down in the back in seat, on the picnic table in the park can be done with the male standing or the female bent over, at the office can be standing against the wall or bent over the desk, in a dressing room could be the female sitting on your lap or standing.

So now that you know regardless of why or where you engage in quickies it's a sure fire way to keep your relationship alive and exciting. Surprise your lover today!

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