Rear Entry Position
Take a Ride on the Wild Side with the
Doggy Style Sex Position

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

The rear entry position, aka doggy style sex position, is one of the most exciting and pleasurable positions for a man. It involves the woman being on her knees and the man entering her from behind while he is on his knees.

Men have a natural instinctual urge to thrust fast and hard and this position allows that with great ease. Men also emphatically enjoy deep penetration which can also be easily attained in this position. He can abandon himself in unbridled thrusting that feels incredible.

Men are very visual beings and thus the view in the rear entry position is incredibly stimulating for him. He loves seeing her buttocks up in the air, his penis gliding in and out of her glistening wet vagina and his woman giving herself to him so submissively.

Rear Entry Position

Many couple's find the doggy style sex position strap to make the rear entry position even more exciting and animalistic. It allows for and enhances even deeper penetration and more vivid displays of their woman's buttocks.

If you really want to rock his world, give him the rear entry position in the middle of the day in broad daylight or at night with all the lights on and let him see it all even more vividly.

The woman can excite him even more and provide both partners with a variety of exciting sensations by thrusting herself backwards against him as he thrusts forward. This allows her to take him in deeper. Some couples enjoy the slapping of the testicles against the vulva.

Make Rear Entry Position More Enticing for Your Woman

The rear entry position is not always a favorite for the woman for a variety of reasons that we'll take a look at and try to reframe into a more positive light. If done correctly doggy style can become more desirable for the woman.

Some women may feel self-conscious, worrying that her butt is too big, her hips too wide, breasts too saggy or stomach sticking out etc. But really ladies, there is no need to focus on this. Your partner is not noticing any of these things. He finds this position incredibly sexy and is completely absorbed in the moment. He's too aroused and happy to see anything except the sexiness.

Some women don't like the rear entry position because it makes them feel objectified. It doesn't feel loving or affection or they simply desire more romantic, loving sex.

Yes, it is true this position is deficient in the face to face interaction that cultivates intimacy, but your sexual relationship should incorporate a variety of different kinds of sex. You don't always want or need affectionate sex. It's good for not only your sex life but your relationship on the whole to experience raw, carnal desire and passion every now and then. Just let go once in awhile and tap into your animalistic wild woman.

The rear entry position offers a different kind of sex. A chance to be a bad, bad girl. It can be very thrilling to engage in such naughtiness; a real turn on to be taken in such a vulnerable, animalistic way. An opportunity for the couple to engage in just a touch of submission and domination or assertiveness and aggressiveness. Some women find it to be very stimulating to be taken so roughly because it makes them feel more desirable and irresistible to their man.

Granted this is not a position is not a position you want to engage in every day or even every week, but allow yourself to experience and enjoy the different sensations that can be found at least once in a while.

Another option for dealing with the lack of intimacy of the doggy style sex position is that you can engage in loving, affectionate behavior prior to the rear entry position or after. Spend time cuddling, kissing, and caressing before getting on your knees. Make love in the missionary position first and then transition to the rear entry or have the wild animalistic sex first and then end the session with lots of holding, kissing and touching.

Guys don't get too lost in your bliss and forget that this position also frees up your two hands that you can use to caress her body and buttocks. Run your fingers up her back and across her shoulders. Lean forward now and then and pull her close, caress her breasts, nuzzle in her neck or hair, whisper in her ear how sexy she looks or how hot she makes you, then pull back up, grab those hips and take a good ride.

An additional reason women don't enjoy this position is that it doesn't provide any clitoral stimulation and she's not likely to reach orgasm. But there is a simple solution to this problem. The man can reach around and stimulate her clitoris with his fingers while he's thrusting, or she can stimulate her own clitoris with her fingers or a vibrator.

Because the angle of penetration in this position stimulates the front vaginal wall, if both partners work together, stimulation of the g spot can be achieved as well. Thus combine the g spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation and you may be able to help her achieve both a clitoral and g spot orgasm simultaneously.

Use the rear entry position to allow yourself to get in touch with your primal raw sexual energy. It has the ability to make you feel very aroused, sexy and empowered.

Give Him a Sexy Gift

If you really can't seem to find any redeeming qualities to the rear entry position, it's still a position that you could give to your man on special occasions as a gift for his pleasure only. He will be immensely appreciative that you care enough for him to give to him in such a sexy way and you can feel proud for giving him such a special gift.

Present your behind to him and give him a doggie style quickie.

Be waiting for him on the bed or the living room floor on your knees naked or wearing his favorite sexy lingerie when he gets home from work, or when he comes in the bedroom to go to bed.

Give him a good show. Be a bad girl. Rock back and forth on your knees and really get into it.

Try to find more occasions than just his birthday or anniversary to give him this special gift. Create special occasions that don't exist.

Major Disadvantage of Rear Entry Position

A major disadvantage of the rear entry position is that the man can be so aroused and excited that he reaches orgasm very quickly. The fast thrusting and deep penetration can often lead to a very quick sexual adventure that can leave the woman a little dissatisfied. But again there are a couple easy solutions for this problem.

He can satisfy his woman orally before engaging in intercourse, so that she has already been satisfied and he can be selfish and focus on the intense pleasure he's experiencing without having to worry about coming too soon. This allows both partners to focus purely on themselves.

Alternatively, you can save the doggy style sex position for the very end of your lovemaking session. Engage in other mutually pleasurable techniques and positions before the rear entry position. Help her achieve her orgasm in other ways or positions prior to the animalistic ride.

Variations on the Doggy Style Sex Position

The rear entry position is a comfortable position for a woman who's pregnant - but limit the depth of penetration during the last few weeks.

It's also good for couples who are overweight or of larger size.

Change the angle of entry for even more variety of sensations for both partners.

The doggy style sex position is one of the best positions for anal sex.

Rear entry can be an exciting position to pleasure her orally for both him and her. It also allows easy access to the anus for a little rimming action.

If the female would like to see a little of the action, the addition of a mirror can add more excitement for her. Put a mirror in front and in back and both of you can take in the view. It can be quite arousing to see the passion on your lovers face.

Rear entry can make a good quickie because it doesn't require complete undressing. Having sex partially clothed can be a real turn on in itself. Just lift up her dress or skirt, or drop the pants, bend over a chair or desk and take a ride on the wild side.

Add a little hair pulling or smacking of her rear.

She can lay flat on the bed and he can straddle her on his knees.

He can lift one leg so his foot is on the bed to get a different angle of penetration and pleasure different areas of her vagina.

She can move to the edge of the bed while he stands on the floor.

She can lay her torso and head down and lift her buttocks up.

Instead of the woman getting on her knees on the bed, she can place her hands on the wall and slide her legs backwards so her buttocks are sticking out for her man.

Bend her over a chair.

Hold her around the waist and pull her back against your penis, or wrap your arms around her body, or around her breasts.

The woman can contract her vaginal muscles to create more satisfying sensations for both partners and make the doggie style adventure more stimulating.

The rear entry position is a primal position that takes us back to our animalistic roots. It can provide the couple a refreshing change and add a little variety. When approached in the right way, doggy style sex position can be very satisfying and exciting for both the male and female. A chance to experiment with different sensations both physically and emotionally.

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