Renew Passion in Your Relationship

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Spring is the time when everything renews itself; it's a time of new beginnings, feeling fresh and alive and a great time to make a conscious effort to renew the passion in your relationship.

Relationships go through cycles just as nature does and levels of passion will vacillate. In the early stages of love, passion is a blazing inferno that can't be put out and doesn't require any work, but as the relationship progresses, passion will not stay alive without effort. And just as your garden or flowerbed need nurtured with love ,water and sunshine, your relationship needs nurtured as well.

The Lovemaking Smorgasbord - A Couple's Menu for Feeding Passion & Fidelity can help you find hundreds of ways to keep your relationship passionate and exciting such as these.

Here are some other great ways to keep the passion alive.

And don't forget that spring is the perfect time to enjoy some delicious outdoor sex. An outdoor tryst is one of the best ways possible to renew passion, because it combines several passionate activities into one. Being naked outside elicits deep, primal, wild and uninhibited desires, it's adventurous and can be spontaneous. With the right scenario you can make it romantic.

Renew Passion

You can surprise your lover with an outdoor quickie, or a beautiful lovemaking event or plan a whole day of savoring. Get more creative by adding some role-play or pack a picnic basket with some of your favorite foods to play with, like strawberries or bananas, whip cream, ice cream or whatever you desire and feed each other like Kings and Queens or place it strategically on the body to be licked and eaten.

Nature provides you with a fantastic sexual playground to ignite passion, where different textures and varied places such as on the grass, in the water, bent over a stump, in the wind, hanging from a branch, on the sand, on flat land or on a hill etc. will enhance your sensations and provide you with the ability to maneuver many different positions and techniques. The whole world can become your bedroom.

For wildlife spring is the natural season of mating so take their cue, let the seduction of the elements turn you into wild animals and renew your passion to new heights.

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