Rock Chick Review

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

What the heck is the Rock Chick and why should you care? Well it is one of the most loved and popular sex toys available on the market today for women.

Why is it so popular?

This amazing toy is revered by women all across the globe because of it's ability to provide unique g spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously and thus leading to some of the most profound orgasms ever experienced.

Produced by one of the UK's leading sex toy manufacturers, The Rock Chick was the winner of the Best Adult Product of the Year in 2006 at the Erotic Trade Only Awards in October.

G Spot and Clitoral Orgasms

G spot and clitoral orgasms that occur at the same time are one of the powerful orgasms a woman can experience and the Rock Chick excels like no other at achieving this.

It has a flexible curve that hooks inside the vagina and outside the vagina that allows you to rock. You can lay back and rock or sit up and rock. The hooked area stimulates the g spot and the vibrating bullet stimulates the clitoris.

Ergonomically designed to fit the woman's body almost perfectly and small enough to keep in your purse to pleasure yourself whenever the mood hits.

You'll experience orgasms you won't forget and you'll want to experience them over and over.

Equipped with a soft grip handle on the outside to place your fingers, it only requires a gentle touch to rock and back forth, which can be done by yourself or with your lover.

It also allows for "no hands" action by positioning yourself at the edge of a bed or chair and rocking against it.

If you're masturbating alone, this frees up your hands to caress your own breasts and body or if you're with a partner you're free to stroke him and give him oral while you ride.

The no hands action would also be a great show to stimulate your male lover, as all men love to watch their woman give herself pleasure.

If you and your partner have had trouble finding the g spot or he doesn't quite know how to hit your clitoris in the most effective way, this great toy will help you find the right location every time.

This is one of the greatest toys for women who have trouble reaching orgasm. It helps you get there much easier and the orgasms are more satisfying.

Many women describe the pleasure derived from the Rock Chick as exquisite.

The Rock Chick kit includes the following:

Rock Chick Vibrator

* Medical Grade Silicone Rock-Chick Personal Massager

* One Vibrating Bullet

* Scented Intimacy Wipe

* ID Pleasure Lubricant 1.1oz (33ml)

* Rock-Chick Cleaner

* Instructional Pamphlet

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