Sensual Massage for Lovers

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Giving your lover a sensual massage can be a fantastic appetizer or it can be a full course meal. It can be a gift you give to your lover, a special occasion treat or a way to show appreciation. You can focus on one partner at a time or pleasure simultaneously. It's is a great way to stimulate desire and build arousal with anticipation.

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Sensual Massage for Lovers

You can use sensual massage to bring your partner to higher levels of arousal by stimulating them and then stopping and after the urgency to climax passes, stimulate them again. After several levels of arousal are achieved, then massage the clitoris or penis and allow climax to be achieved, or use this higher level of arousal as a way to make intercourse more satisfying and intense.

Set the mood for your massage with some soft music, candles, dim lights or whatever works for you, then make your partner comfortable with the use of pillows, blankets, etc.

You can have your partner already naked and waiting or use the removal of clothes as part of the massage. If you like, you can use some kind of oil for lubrication. Coconut oil is great.

How to Give Your Lover A Sensual Massage

This is only one variation of sensual massage. There are numerous ways and varieties of massage that you can experiment with and personalize for your lover's preferences.

You might try adding a vibrator for some additional pleasure. One of the most exciting and pleasurable for both men and women is known as the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager.It's sure to add a little more magic to your touch.

You can also do the massage in the shower or outside on a blanket in the sunlight or under the stars. To add a little extra delight, try massaging your lover with something flavorful such as chocolate, fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, etc. and then lick it off.

The partner receiving the sensual massage should always give signals to their masseuse as to what feels good with little moans and whimpers of pleasure. Let them know gently if something doesn't feel good and guide them lovingly to satisfy you as needed.

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