Sex Advice

While there are hundreds of books that provide sex tips and sex advice, including several of my own which you might want to check out in my sex guides section, sometimes the lovemaking question you have or the sex advice you need should be catered specifically to your life and your relationship. Not everything is for everyone. Sometimes a more personal approach is needed.

Lovemaking should always be evolving in a relationship. It should grow better over time and, when nurtured, become an orgasmic and spiritual experience for lovers. However, as time passes by, sometimes lovemaking grows stale. Many couple's find that after the initial excitement of their relationship fades away that sexual satisfaction decreases. Comfort replaces heightened arousal and experimentation.

If you have a specific lovemaking or relationship question, need sex tips or sex advice, or have any question at all relating to enhancing your relationship, I'd be happy to answer it for you.

Please keep the following in mind when asking me for sex advice:

This is a loving site, promoting better lovemaking for couples and giving sex advice to improve and enhance relationships and intimacy. No requests for tips or advice that applies to swinger lifestyles, group sex or bdsm please.

I've helped hundreds of couples and individuals over the years and I can help you too. I look forward to answering your lovemaking question and helping you improve your relationship with the sex advice you need or want.

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