The Three Top Sex Mistakes That Men Make

By Great Sex Coach, Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Let's face it -- even the most astute lover will make the occasional misstep.

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Learning to laugh and enjoy sexual closeness despite (or sometimes even because of) the intermittent goof-up is part of growing as a couple. But sometimes, a man can end up fumbling worse than his favorite football team during a bad season.

Every year, otherwise great relationships face tension -- and occasionally even end altogether -- because of completely fixable sexual situations.

It can be hard to open up to your partner about sex, especially because everyone feels at their most vulnerable when they're naked and intimate.

Men, particularly, have a lot of their ego invested in their perceived abilities as a great lover. That's what makes it so tough to gently point out the three biggest sex mistakes men make in bed:

  1. Skipping Out on Foreplay
    Women's bodies don't operate the same way as men's. For women, skimping on foreplay can make the entire sexual experience less pleasurable -- and occasionally downright painful. So make sure the engine is properly warmed up before you punch the accelerator.

  2. Ignoring Cues
    Women often complain that their man just doesn't listen to them. Unfortunately, this often translates to all areas of a relationship, including the bedroom. It's not just spoken clues, either. Watch for nonverbal clues like shifting hips, adjusting positions, and even heavy sighs as well.

  3. Keeping Quiet
    There's nothing women find sexier than a man who knows how to use his words in bed. For the fairer sex, intercourse starts in the mind and winds its way down from there. So talk to her -- tell her what you think of her body, what you're planning to do, or even just how hot you are for her right now.

So what do you do if your man is guilty of one of the three biggest sex mistakes? For starters, don't say anything insulting. Negativity can deflate more than his ego, and his sexual self-confidence might never fully recover. Instead, use lots of positive reinforcement to tell him what you like. Sandwich a suggestion between two compliments, and he'll learn quickly exactly what you like, and what makes you feel good. Alternatively, you could make sure he sees this article in some subtle way.

If you're a man reading this page, then be a good student and learn from other's mistakes. Start making changes in these areas and you'll soon find that your woman is much more eager and responsive in the bedroom.

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