Sex Standing Up

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Looking for a different love making position? Well you don't have to look too far to find the many pleasures that can be enjoyed while have sex standing up.

The convenience of not needing a surface to lie down on makes for easy access to sex in places and times that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Sex Standing Up

Standing up while making love is wrapped in a cloak of naughtiness as if engaging in something forbidden, which only adds even more excitement to the situation.

It encourages spontaneous unplanned sex which is great for all relationships. Whisk your partner away unexpectedly in a private corridor or ambush them as they enter the door from work.

Standing up sex works best if both partners are close to the same height. He bends his knees and lowers himself and then rises up to enter her. Alternatively she can slide down over him.

If you and your partner are not of the same height, you can try it on the stairway or use a footstool to put the shorter person on the step above the other. You want to get eye to eye and align the genitals.

What makes this different love making position so appealing is that it combines the intimacy factor with the wild and daring side. When having sex standing up, you have the face to face, eye to eye interaction and the full body contact that promotes intimacy. It allows for and even calls out for deep passionate kissing and caressing. Combine all this with the risque physical element and you have a different love making position guaranteed to give both partners a highly exciting and pleasurable adventure.

Different Approaches to Sex Standing Up Position

Some Disadvantages of Standing Up Sex

Standing up when having sex has a few disadvantages:

Because of these limitations not all couples may be able to achieve this exciting position. But, even if some of these constraints are a factor for you, there are still several ways you can enjoy the thrills of this having sex standing up. Being taken against the wall does not have to include penetration with the penis. You can still enjoy the enhanced arousal and stimulation just by leaning against one another, kissing, caressing one another, fondling one another. You can use it as a form of foreplay or you can reach under her skirt and pleasure her manually with your fingers, or reach in his pants and stroke him to satisfaction.

Don't be afraid to try new things even if they feel awkward or unattainable at first. Maybe you won't achieve the goal you aimed for, but perhaps you'll find another different love making position or some other way of doing it that is just as satisfying and at the very least you can have a lot of fun trying. Sex should be playful as well as pleasurable and standing up sex is an easy way to achieve both.

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