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Sex Coach Cynthia Recommends Sex Toy Fun for Your Adult Shopping Needs

Sex Toy Fun

Great sex toys are one of the most fantastic tools a couple can use to turn ordinary sex into unforgettable sex. Their list of benefits is extensive. Use them to build more desire, deepen arousal, increase pleasure heighten satisfaction, enhance and increase orgasms, cultivate more intimacy, have fun together, become more adventurous and strengthen your relationship.

My first recommendation for all your adult toy needs is a place called Sex Toy Fun and here's why. Since I cater to improving the relationship of the couple, I like an adult toy store that has a wide selection of choices that are appealing to the couple, but that doesn't mean you single people are left out. Whether your male, female, gay or lesbian, single or committed you'll be sure to find a large variety of exciting choices and they also have a fantastic line of products with many unique toys you don't find at other stores at very affordable prices.

A lot of times when you visit an adult toy store, you are greeted with a variety of products and sales techniques that are just downright offensive and degrading to women. This may get the motor running for some guys, but it's a major turn off for the woman. You won't find anything like that at Sex Toy Fun. Instead, you'll find thousands of great sex toys, videos, books, lingerie etc., that are sexy, respectful, passionate, sensuous and arousing.

Additionally, you may not be aware of it, but I am a strong environmentalist and into green living and natural health. So making healthy lifestyle choices is important to me, including my sex toys. You may also not be aware that a large number of sex toys have high levels of toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health and should be avoided. Sex Toy Fun has an entire section of green, earth-friendly toys.

In addition to all this great free stuff, Sex Toy Fun carries one of the best selections of Adult Videos & DVDs you can find that cater to loving couples, so you'll want to be sure to look these over as well.

So if you're ready to shop now, then go ahead and stop on by at Sex Toy Fun Adult Toy Store, or read on for more recommendations.

Which Sex Toys are Best for Me?

The list of choices for adult sex toys is ever growing and picking the toy that's just right for you and your partner can feel overwhelming. So how do you decide which toy is right for you? The first and most important factor is to determine what it is you'd like to achieve. Do you want clitoris stimulation or g spot pleasure? Perhaps you'd like to venture off into prostate exploration or cock rings. Are you wanting to enhance oral sex, anal sex or basic intercourse? Would you like to pleasure your woman or your man? There are toys to help you enhance just about every aspect of sexuality you can think of.

The most enlightened lovers will learn that you'll have the most fun and pleasure by building yourself an adult toy box full of a variety of your favorite great sex toys, so that you can use a different one on different days depending on what you're in the mood for that day, or combine several toys to achieve numerous benefits at once.

Most toys are designed with a specific goal in mind. Each toy usually offers one or two and sometimes three distinguishing benefits. Some toys excel at enhancing clitoris stimulation while others are superior for penile pleasure and so on and so forth.

I've broken down the following list into categories based on the main benefit they offer to help you determine more quickly and accurately which toy is best for you. You can browse some of these popular categories.

Adult Movies for Women
Although the Internet abounds with adult movies it can be quite challenging for the loving couple or a woman to find videos that depict the actual act of lovemaking or scenes that are arousing for women.

Adult Movies for Couples
Adult movies for couples are great for spicing up the routine, fantasy fulfillment, increasing sex drive and learning how to be a better lover. Find hundreds of the highest quality adult entertainment videos on the market at the best prices.

Better Sex Videos
There are many different categories of adult videos for a couple to explore. One of those categories is better sex videos. If you're looking for videos that will teach you how to satisfy a woman better or pleasure your man more completely and you want to enhance your relationship these are a really good choice.

Sex Toy Videos
Use these great sex toy videos to learn how to use sex toys to your greatest advantage.

Great Sex Toys for the Adventurous Couple
Looking for the perfect toy to share with your lover? Here are some great choices sure to bring both of you many hours of deep sexual satisfaction and fun.

Sex Toys for Men
Find a new and exciting toy for the man in your life or buy yourself something special tonight. Toys to increase penis length and girth, a substitute pussy for when your woman is too tired or not in the mood, rings to increase erectile hardness and stamina or dildos to explore prostate stimulation are some of the favorites for men.

Cheap Sex Toys
On a tight budget and looking for something really affordable yet high quality and exciting? All these toys can bring you delicious pleasure for under $20.

Glass Dildos
Glass dildos are an outstanding gift for either man or woman. Not only is it a superb sex toy but it's also an exquisite piece of art.

Great Sex toys for Valentines Day
Would you like to have a hot and sexy Valentine's Day? Show your lover not only how much you love them, but also how sexy they are and how much you desire them.

Hot Lingerie
You can also find a great selection of hundreds of different pieces of hot lingerie to dazzle your lover with or surprise them with a beautiful gift. Always at a low affordable price.

Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System
The better sex synergy pleasure system is considered the Cadillac of vibrators because it brings outstanding enhanced pleasure to a couples lovemaking.

Double Dolphin Cock Ring
Another great toy for couples, the double dolphin vibrating cock ring can stimulate different areas for both partners at the same time.

Liberator Shapes
With Liberator Shapes the sky is the limit for exploring new and exciting sex positions and enhancing pleasure for both men and women.

Hitachi Magic Wand
The Hitachi magic wand massager is a must-have sex toy for all couples.

The Love Swing
With the Love Swing, couples can discover hundreds of new and exciting sex positions never before achieved and have fun doing it.

Strap On Chest Harness
Couple's can use the Strap On Chest Harness to give her an unforgettable lovemaking adventure and him a mind blowing view.

I Like Doggie Style Position Strap
The handy little, I Like Doggie Style position strap, will enhance this favorite position even more by enabling deeper penetration, easier maneuverability and better orgasms.

Furniture for Sex
With furniture designed for sex there is no end to the positions a couple can attain and the adventures they can explore.

Sex Games for Couples
Use these fun sex games for couples to spice things up in the bedroom and create more intimacy.

Free Sex Game

Download this simple, but free sex game created by Sex Coach Cynthia.

My Personal Favorites

Want to know which adult sex toys are my personal favorites? Well I'll share a little secret with you.

I personally prefer a small clitoris vibrator, such as the Opulent Ridge, that gives intense clitoral stimulation.

My second favorite is a Glass Dildo.

It's great to use the multi-speed vibrator on your clitoris while making love with your partner. Or when your partner is away and the mood strikes, you can take a ride on the Fantasy Dong while stimulating your clitoris with the Vibrator.

You can also use the Fantasy Dong vaginally while your lover penetrates you anally and then use the vibrator on your clitoris. All simultaneously. Your orgasms will be out of this world!

Another fun time is to give your lover an exciting show and let him watch you ride the Dong and Use the Vibrator. You'll drive him crazy.

You can find all these top notch great sex toys and much more at Sex Toy Fun - Adult toy store. Stop in today and bring more excitement and pleasure into your sexual relationship.

Homemade Sex Toys
A lot of couples like to explore adult sex toys of the homemade kind. If you're thinking of trying it out yourself, you may want to take a look at the pros and cons of these sexy adventures as well as some of my best suggestions.

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