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Great Sex Coach - Cynthia Perkins

So what exactly is a sex coach and what do they do? This can vary from one coach to another depending on their particular credentials, but in general, they don't do sex therapy, psychotherapy or counseling in the traditional sense. Although some similar elements of counseling may coexist within coaching.

Some counselors and psychologists have embraced the coaching approach, and therefore with them, you may get a mixture of coaching and counseling.

A sex coach doesn't diagnose disorders or pathologize behavior.Instead the focus is on problem-solving. You are viewed as a client and not a patient.

Sex coaching is short term and goal oriented.The goal is to empower you. The sex coach is your advocate who will help you brainstorm solutions, find insights, or explore yourself and your relationship. They encourage, educate, advise, support, and guide you, as well as offer positive reinforcement.

Each client presents with unique circumstances so the session will be personalized to your particular needs. Sex Coaching can be offered over the phone or in person, but it is becoming more frequently a service offered over the phone because of its convenience.

More specifically, my particular specialty is relationships and my sex coaching approach is focused on relationship enhancement and sexual intimacy. As your sex coach, I may help you with tips for better sex, communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, or teach you necessary sexual skills for being a better lover or increasing your own pleasure.

Having great sex is a skill and if it's a skill that you haven't developed naturally then it must be learned. If you have developed the skill, sometimes a little help is needed in refining, expanding or sharpening of skills. Conflict resolution is another important factor because it has a great impact on the quality of your sexual relationship. I work with individuals or couples.

I am a trained mental health professional with degrees in psychology and counseling. My sex coaching is offered by telephone or email if you prefer. Click here to learn more about my credentials.

I help individuals in relationships find great sex, more passion and deeper intimacy with their lover. I provide great lovemaking tips, sex and intimacy advice, help with decreased sexual desire, and any other topic you may want to discuss to improve lovemaking, increase the passion with your lover or enhance your relationship. Here are a few examples of additional ways I can help you and your lover.

The truth is, if you're not completely satisfied with the lovemaking and intimacy in your relationship, seeking out help might be you and your lover's saving grace. Lack of sexual satisfaction can and does erode the quality of your relationship and can lead to infidelity or even the ending of the relationship. Passion and healthy lovemaking are crucial to a successful relationship that stands the test of time. Sometimes, you may just need sex tips to give you new ideas, positions, and techniques. However, you may also need to rediscover the passion, learn to increase both you and your lover's desires or develop new lovemaking skills.

Sex coaching is a growing and ever-changing field. The approach one uses can encompass many different aspects. Some individuals incorporate phone sex, sex surrogacy or even an escort service under the title of Sex Coach.

Please note that my sex coaching Does Not consist of phone sex, sex surrogacy or escort services. Not that I disapprove of either of these approaches, it just isn't part of my service.

On the other hand if sex coaching with me is exactly what you're looking for then let's keep moving ahead.

Here's What a Few of my Satisfied Clients Have to Say:

"I've never been able to give my guy oral long enough for him to orgasm, but after studying your 'oral advice' techniques, I went home that same day and had an 'explosive' experience!!! It was an exciting breakthrough for me because I've always been a bit shy and self-conscious about pleasing my guy through oral; not now though!!! THANK YOU HEAPS CYNTHIA! Yours were the tips I needed." ~Susan

"Cynthia gave us exciting, creative ideas to keep the passion alive in a long distance relationship." ~Jane and Sam, San Diego, CA

"Thanks to Cynthia my sexual desire is going strong once again. My husband hardly recognizes me and I'm wearing him out. ~Linda and Jake, Gainesville FL

"Money well spent. Our sex is much more frequent and deeply satisfying. ~Lisa, Saginaw MI

Here's How Great Sex Phone Coaching Works:

  1. You pay by clicking one of the links below. After paying you'll be forwarded to a form.

  2. Fill out the form provided. My phone number will be available to you on this form. You may then call me to set up an appointment or if you wish you can email me at cynthia (@)

  3. Use the form after payment or send an email to provide me with some preliminary details about what you'd like to talk about. You get more for your money if I have time to reflect on your issue before we speak.

  4. I'll call you at the appointed time.

  5. We'll work together to help you have great sex and enhance your relationship.

With Your First 60 Minute Phone Session You Receive An E-Book of Your Choice.

I Offer My Sex Coaching Services in Three Ways:

60-Minute Phone Session $65

30-Minute Phone Session $35

Email Session $40
If you're too shy or uncomfortable with sexual matters or you live in another country, you can talk with me by email.

(All Payments are made thru PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account. Please Note that When Your Payment is Processed it is Processed through My Sister Site called Holistic Help. Holistic Help will be displayed at the top of your Payment Page.)

Alternatively, if you're interested in a more cost effective way of getting a sex coaching appointment and lovemaking resources together, you may want to take a look at the How to Have Great Sex Epackage in more detail.

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