I'm Dreaming of a Sexy Christmas

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Are you dreaming of a sexy Christmas? Where your lovers eyes glisten with desire and instead of sleigh bells ringing in the snow you fill the air with moans of pleasure and delight. One that will result in a sensual holiday full of passionate lovemaking that shows your lover not only how much you care for them but how sexy and desired they are and strengthens your bonds of sexuality.

Have a Sexy Christmas

Unfortunately, the holidays are so hectic and busy that many couples forget or have trouble making time for special moments together. During this time of giving, when the focus tends to be on everything but each other, be sure to remember how important you are to one another and give to each other in that way that no one else can. Not only is it beneficial for your relationship, but it's also a great stress reliever and can help rejuvenate and give you strength to get through the hustle and bustle of it all.

Plan a special evening or afternoon together that you can spend alone without interruptions to celebrate and exchange your sexy Christmas gifts.

The first ingredient for a sexy Christmas is to set the mood with the right visuals and sounds. There are a variety of ways to achieve this, then you'll want to pick out the perfect naughty gift and proceed to the main event.

Set the Mood

Decorate the headboard of your bed, the lamps and the mirrors with lights and tinsel.

Find some sensual Christmas music to play in the background.

Turn out all the lights and place candles around the Christmas tree.

Hang mistletoe on the headboard of the bed or the entrance of the bedroom or attach it to your bra, panties or belt buckle.

Light red and green candles in the bathroom and fill the tub.

Dress for the Occasion

There a variety of sexy Christmas costumes you can buy. Ranging from a sexy Elf to Santa himself. These are always a great choice, but it doesn't have to be that formal if you don't desire.

If you're trying to arouse your man you can achieve the same results quite satisfactorily with red lingerie, stockings, heels, garter and Santa hat. For the male looking to please his woman, a pair of red silk boxers and a Santa hat will work just fine.

Gifts for a Sexy Christmas

Try and be original. If you get her lingerie or him silk boxers every year, be sure to do something unique and special this year.

Some gifts don't have to cost any money and can be quite fun. For example, you can always wrap yourself up with bows, ribbons and tinsel and give yourself to your lover. Make a coupon by hand that entitles your lover to something like a night of unbelievable oral sex. Put a naked picture of yourself on an ornament. Give your lover a sensual massage.

If you're looking for something a little more extravagant a piece of sex furniture or a glass sex toy will fit the bill quite well.

Who doesn't love to receive toys at Christmas. Sex toys really fit the spirit of Christmas for adults. We give our children toys and we're all still children at heart.

You can find hundreds of great choices at my favorite store, Sex Toy Fun

Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Fill a stocking for your lover with some of the following.

I have a great hardcover edition of short erotic stories for lovers that makes a wonderful gift, if you're looking for something unique you may want to check out Smoldering Embers- Hot Erotic Stories and Sex Tips for Couples."

Another very unique book that both men and women love is my Naughty Diary.Its a sex game, a form of foreplay and a lovemaking manual all wrapped in one.

Let the Lovemaking Commence

Make love under the Christmas tree, in the bathtub or your decorated bed. Give to one another in an exceptional manner. If your man or woman loves oral sex, give them the best they've ever had. Haven't given it to him in his favorite doggy style position for a while? Now's the night. Take your time and relish each other.

Sharing a sexy Christmas will not only bring you an enjoyable session of incredible lovemaking, but it will increase your intimacy, encourage both partners to appreciate one another more deeply and build unforgettable memories that will last you a lifetime.

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